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Bon(ding) with a Dance

Tama-chan’s very first outdoor trip with Goshujin-sama! Doki doki waku waku desu ne! :Dc

A couple of nites ago, Goshujin-sama told Tama-chan to stay inside Tama’s personal transport, stating that Tama will attend a certain お祭り held on the very island Tama-chan currently resides on…

According to Goshujin-sama, the event Tam-chan’s going to participate in is Bon Odori, an annual festive event held and sponsored by the Japanese minorities on the island.

However, over the past few years, the event itself has escalated into a large gathering of multi-cultural resident ethnic groups, as if the whole island’s celebrating this event nowadays… ^~^

As soon as Tama-chan arrives at the venue of the event, Tama-chan was so 吃驚 to see such a huge crowd has already turned up at the お祭り, eventho it’s barely an hour after the opening of the event!

As Tama-chan and Goshujin-sama etched in towards the centre stage of the event itself, Tama-chan witnessed more and more humans surrounding the area…

Aha~! Found some yukata bijin-tachi strolling around! とっても綺麗ですね、浴衣…

Goshujin-sama, please get Tama-chan a yukata too next time… /Code Cast Foxy Seduction

Even as Tama-chan moving around the throng of visitors, it seems that Tama-chan has managed to caught the attention of many curious eyes, some of them even took the shutter chance to had Tama-chan photographed! 0_0

Why? Is it a rarity to see a pretty kitsune like Tama-chan amongst the humans? =3=

Muu~ It’s really is crowded over the stage side… Tama-chan is not tall enough to peek thru them, mikon~!

Tama-chan will try again… /Jumps

No good still cannot get a good sight… /Sigh

Wading thru all these humans really stressed out Tama-chan, therefore Tama-chan had to find a place to rest Tama-chan’s tired shippo…

However, Tama-chan’s keen sense noticed a presence behind Tama-chan…

As expected, some stalking DSLR tried to capture Tama’s fluffy shippo into its lens frame!

Mikon~! It’s really tough to be the centre of the attention of these humans… ^^;

Oh~! Looks like there’s a folk dance going on near the stage~ :Dc

Tama-chan gonna join these ladies for a dance too! ^~^

Kuru kuru mawaru~! XDc

More yukata bijins on the stage dancing too…

Tama-chan wants to get up there but to no avail… ^^;

Everyone wants a piece of to take a picture with Tama-chan…

Oh well… :3c

Ahh so tired… >w<

Tama-chan’s gonna lay down here for a whil—

—Why are you humans still takin’ picture of Tama-chan…

Mou~! >w<

/Whips out personal DSLR

Now it’s Tama-chan’s turn! Muahaha Kon~!

The sky is getting darker, and the true お祭り shall commence!  ;3c The wind feels so nice too~

Due to extreme attention from humans all around the venue, Tama-chan chose to retire Tama-chan’s stiff shippo back to the transport…

The darkness has engulfed the sky above the field, while お月様 shyly peeks out from her hiding place amongst the clouds…

And then silence… The Final Hanabi Works has begun~!

Kirei~~! ;3c BTW, more of Tama-chan’s personal photos can be viewed in this album… ^w^

But Tama-chan has to count Biri-biri now as it is very late after the fireworks now… Oyasumi nasai~! ^_~


5 responses

  1. Okazaki-san

    Looks like you enjoyed yourself,Tama-chan.Wait,what what happened to yunamon the whole time?

    25th July, 2011 at 22:00

  2. its too bad i wasn’t able to attend this year as im not back in my hometown for quite some time now. or i would be able to snatch a pic with ur dolfie! ^^

    29th July, 2011 at 08:37

    • If you attend AFA11 later the year then you’ll get to meet her… ^_~

      29th July, 2011 at 12:09

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