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Party of Dreamy Doll(fie)s

While browsing thru Goshujin-sama’s past visited pages, Tama-chan discovered Goshujin-sama’s been checking out some girls other than Tama-chan! >~<

Not that Tama-chan’s mind tho… Tama-chan’s a very forgiving kitsune so to speak… ^~^ /Sparkling Eyes

With another Hometown DolPa (Doll’s Party) Kobe event coming soon, many high-profile veteran InnovaDDos (That’s what Goshujin-sama’s been addressing to parents of musume similar to Tama-chan… 0_0) already got themselves the guide to that Party, with previews of upcoming lovelies suitable for Tama-chan~! ^~^

If Tama-chan’s remembering this correctly, Tama-chan’s current base body vessel is but an impulse adoption from Goshujin-sama, as Goshujin-sama intended Tama-chan to possess the DDS vessel instead…

From what Tama-chan and read and understand, the newly introduced DDIII Base Body is actually a mix of DDII’s body body line x DDS revamped arms, meaning Goshujin-sama might be able to upgrade Tama-chan’s structure by just getting the DDS arms themselves! :Dc

What’s more, it is pretty much a fact now that Option Base Body Parts for DDS will be available for sale soon enough… ;3c There’s also a new Fist Type Hand Unit too and they’re all compatible and interchangeable between DD, DDS and DDdy Systems~!

It seems many a couple of new musume will adopt this new DDIII System: DD Sakuya and DD Moe 2nd Ver.

The third limited: Volk’s Houkagou Akihabara Girls chara, Akira, will utilise the earlier DDS System tho…

Kyaa~! So many lovely seifuku and wigs! If only Goshujin-sama can dish out the credits for Tama-chan… ^^;

Oh well, Tama-chan’s not a spoiled brat Tama knows of how hard Goshujin-sama is right now…

Tama-chan will endure the hardship together with Goshujin-sama… ^_^


3 responses

  1. We’ll see when the time comes… But DDS arms are must getto~! ^_^

    3rd July, 2011 at 12:24

  2. Actually DDIII I heard ios not just the arms but the whole frame ^^; flexivble legs are a must too you know ^^!~

    19th July, 2011 at 13:49

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