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Fully Busted with Seven Armaments

It feels so long, long time ago since my last Gunpla-ing… ^^;

Perhaps it’s due to the lack of interesting MGs announced lately (Not interested in Gundam W series MGs at all…), coupled with extreme fund allocation on my new Servant…

However, this one particular Gunpla caught my attention…

Basically the same as 1/100 Master Grade 00-Raiser, the Seven Sword/G variation replaces the 0-Raiser with several blade armaments, while still features the same 00 Gundam as base body…

Unlike 00-Raiser tho, Seven Sword/G doesn’t come with any Light Unit for the light-up gimmick of 00’s head and GN Drives… ^^;

Good thing tho, as I’m not really fond of 00-Raiser’s design save the 00 Gundam itself… And huge blades are my faves in any Gundam designs LOL!

The Seven Swords in question are actually GN Buster Sword II, GN Sword II Short, GN Sword II Long, 2x GN Katar and 2x Beam Sabre…

GN Sword II Blaster is just an add-on, but a nice one too as it can convert to sword form just like the rest!! Kinda adores it’s overall design… ;3c

Coming this September at 5,500 yen, I think I’ll hold onto my horses and will only procure it when I attend AFA11 later this Earth cycle… ^~^


5 responses

  1. Blacksun88

    big swords are my favourite too ^^ wanna get this badly

    3rd July, 2011 at 00:09

  2. Jowy

    This look so good than MG 00 raiser nor 0 Quanta…add in my list

    6th July, 2011 at 10:30

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