Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


「Finally homu homu…」 Twisting the doorknob, I stepped into my den after a long exhausting meeting on a fine Saturday evening. 「Tadaim—」

「—a…?」 Something’s not quite right here…

My primary rig’s screen is on, with an anime episode playing… 0_0

My eyes immediately affixed onto a certain something on my beddo…

「E…to… Whaccha doing, Tama-chan?」 Altho I’m the one asking the question, I could pretty much guessed as much as what happened… ^^;

「You were watching my anime collection again while I’m away, no?」 No response from her. =3=

「Ignoring me eh…?」 I deliberately gropedgrabbed Tama-chan’s fluffy shippo to force her to respond.

As expected, of course she twitched a bit in surprise, yet she still remained ignorant…

I let out a sigh, and proceed to caressrub the shippo… For some reason I feel so pleased and fulfilled whenever I do that… ^^;

Tama-chan’s body started to twitch and tremble… in excitement perhaps? :3c

As soon as she gets distracted with—umm—pleasure, Tama-chan let her guard down, spreading her juicy thighs, revealing her secret garden in full view

Evil thoughts pierced thru my moral circuit as I ready my manipulator for a surprise buttseck…

「Kyaaa~~~~~」 Tama-chan impulsively released a strong kick, knocked me off-balance instantly…

Ouch!  >o<

Tama-chan rolled onto her side, swiftly lifted her whole body upright as she turned towards and confronted me (with a layer of moe futon) for my perverted action… D;

「Muufufufu muffufumu myuuu~~!!!」 Haa!? What are you trying to say?

「Muufufufu muffufumu myuuu~~!!!!!!!」 All her words were muffled by the moe futon wrapped on her… ^^;

「What were you trying to do!!!??」 Tama-chan finally decided to unveil her face from the futon maki… Peek-a-boo! XDc How so adorable she is… ^~^

「Goshujin-sama no ecchi…」 I noticed her slight blush as she weakly scolded me.

「Unwrap yourself from the futon, Tama-chan…」 I’m unloading a packet of okashi from my puch bag. 「I’ve got a present for ya!」

「Waaaiiii~~~ Sweeeeetssss!!!」 Tama-chan’s eyes are glittering with utmost gluttony…

「Ano~~ Tama-chan can’t seem to get herself out from this futon…」 Looks like she’s stuck as she fell helplessly onto her side as she struggled to unload herself from the futon maki… 「Goshujin-sama… Help?」

「Goshujin-sa…?」 Tama-chan noticed my twitching hentai tentacle manipulator closing in on her… >:3c

To be continued…


3 responses

  1. Kaze hiku no~♪

    26th June, 2011 at 23:04

    • Ofuton, ha ga sare te samui~!

      27th June, 2011 at 18:21

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