Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


「Tadaima~!」 I stepped into my den after a hard day’s work, preparing myself to enter ofuro…

「Tama-chan! I’ll be rori-ing into the shower now, care to join me?」 I don’t see her anywhere. 「Tama-chan?」

Oh there you are!

Rested upon our moe futon is my lovely Servant, seemingly ignorant of my return to the den…

Seems like she’s indulged in something so intensely that she failed to notice me at all… ^^;

「Whatcha doing there, Tama?」 I closed in on the furry fox. :3c

「Oh, Goshujin-sama! <3 Okaeri nasai! 」 Tama-chan finally felt my presence and seemed pretty genki upon seeing me. 「お風呂する、ご飯する、それとも… あ–た–し~~? <3」

Oh you such a tease… ;3c 「Aaa–sou… What are you playing BTW?」 Too bad I’ve already get used to her teasing after a while… XDc

「Oh this? Found it while exploring our residence… Pretty fun JRPG… :3c」 Tama seemed excited when she talked about the game she’s playing on her personal chibi PSP

「Where did you found it?」 She pointed at the top cabinet situated just beside the futon… You’ve been going thru my things day and night this past week… ^^;

「Putting that aside, Goshujin-sama, I found this cutesy little thing lying just around the corner…」 Looks like she nabbed one of the Fellowship of the Futon… D:

Staring at me, Chibi CastFox-chan expressed her clueless-ness upon me.

「Kyaaaaa~<3 Kawaiiii~~~~!!!!」 Tama glomped Chibi CastFox-chan close to her mune with all her might. 「Can I have her pweeze-pweeze-pweeze~~~?」

I can feel Chibi-chan’s nervousness, trying to seek help from me. ^^;

I pondered for some time, ultimately stand firm to my final decision. 「Sure, just remember to feed her.」 Sorry Chibi-chan, Tama’s my raison d’être now… ^^;

「Please excuse me, Goshujin-sama…」 Declared Tama-chan as she pushed down Chibi CastFox-chan, subduing her movements. 「I’ll proceed to get acquainted with my new toy—I mean—friend…」

I think I’ve just heard Chibi-chan screaming as I’m heading towards the ofuro… 0_0

To be continued…


9 responses

  1. Leukemio



    12th June, 2011 at 21:18

    • 「Iiiiiyyyyyaaaaaaaaa~~~~~!!!!! Soko… dameeeee~~~~!!!!」 Shouted Chibi-chan as Tama continues her advances… =3=

      12th June, 2011 at 21:58

  2. I can feel the Lily aura! Th-this power!! HNN- !!

    12th June, 2011 at 23:35

  3. It will be fine. She is just playing with herself…. o_O

    13th June, 2011 at 12:36

    • Now that’s a way to put i—waiddaminute…!

      13th June, 2011 at 12:47

  4. feriel1216

    Motto! Motto!! XD

    13th June, 2011 at 14:14

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