Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

えーと、貴方が私のご主人様…… でいいんですよね?

Shattering the very fabric of imagination and reality, a certain foxy miko have finally graced my den from her realm of 0’s and 1’s!

It–it’s… Caster Extra from the PSP RPG Fate/Extra!!! X3c

+1 member to the harem Fellowship of the Bed… ^~^

And suddenly first-born Ookamimi-chan and the sleepy Imouto-chan found themselves a new cuddly companion! XDc

Here’s the CastFox-chan in her plushie’d glory! Down to every details on her wardrobe! ^~^

As a Gift Nendoroid Plushie series, she has a partial skeletal inner frame system within her that allows slight articulations around her limbs… ^_~

Her twin tails are kinda articulated too… ^w^

Of course being a naughty musume as her foxy self is, tricky mischievous little foxy miko plays a prank on her senior by stealing her signature items… XDc

For now, the Trinity of Moe Futon is now complete, but the quest to expand the nuigurumi harem has not end yet as Kanade will soon join the trio… ^_~


16 responses

  1. Awesome! A soft and fluffy Kitsune Caster that’ll give you some foxy dreams! Awesome get :)

    29th May, 2011 at 13:21

  2. Oh you already have her, Congrats! I’m waiting for my Sonico’s arrival this June :3c

    31st May, 2011 at 08:48

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