Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Record of Memories

After the arrival of the token of participation in the form of a specially printed Nendo Stand Mk II last moon, another memento of a hobby life reached the den… ^_~

Similar to last year’s, each of us top 200 finalists of GSC’s 13th Wonderful Hooby Life 4 You 5th PhotoCon gets a compilation booklet of all the entries to feast our eyes… 0w0

This time around, the Photo Contest Memorial Book comes in A4 format, making it quite large to carry around… ^^;

As usual, an appreciation letter from GSC and Max Factory congratulating and thanking us for joining the PhotoCon… ^_^

I’ve scanned the pages of the Memorial Book itself so you can have a look thru by clicking each of these thumbnails… =3c

This year’s photo book has rotsa info this time around, with detailed info on each of the top 200 entries… Mine’s Koneko Tengoku BTW… ^_~

Comparison of size with the one I got from last year’s PhotoCon… I was one of the top 100 finalist back then… ^~^

I still prefer last year’s version as each of them photo book was custom-made for each finalist, as you can see from the cover of the book sporting that finalist’s contest entry itself… Yeap, that Figma Saber Shifuku Version standing by the fountain was my entry last year… :Dc

Lookin’ forward to the next contest… Hope I can win something this time around! XDc


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