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Uwaa~! Long time no acquisitions! Unlimited Installment Works have really taken a toll on my figure/Gunpla collections, but it is worth it as the last phase has come to a close now… =3c

POed a trio of seasons back, I’ve finally got my hands on the Hot Toys 1/6 Movie Masterpiece of my most favourite Marvel superhero: the Iron-Man Mk VI after many push backs and delays! ^w^

With no further a do, let’s explore the contents of this magnificently detailed action figure…

The obligatory box shots… ^_~

Unlike their earlier Iron-Man (Mk III, etc…) releases, Hot Toys opted to give Mk VI’s box a sliding outer box instead of the usual panel window display of a box design…

While the outer box features a shiny holographic/UV finish to it, the inner box has a pretty regular matte finish seen on most products on the market…

Standard box art design on all sides with several piccies and info aplenty, plain and simple…

Talk about full protection to transport this fine piece of exo-suit! :Dc

The figure itself have a total of four layers of hard plastics to hold the suit and its accessories in place, with no fear of accidental Postal Dude damage whatsoever… ^_~

Here comes the Iron-Man!

Sexy back…

アイエムアイアンマン! /Ground pounds >:3

Ooooohhhhh them preeeety lights… 0_0

Mk VI comes with three more pairs of different (Open palm, articulated, semi open palm…) hand units besides the default fists.

I prefer the articulated pair as I can easily pose them as I wish… :Dc


to join the Avengers!

Mk VI comes with two different types of display bases: The hips/waist-grabber type action diorama base featuring a damaged Hammerite Drone as seen in the Iron-Man 2 movie final battle…

…and a standard saddle stand which doesn’t really fits… ^^; Nice logo print and name plate tho…

The diorama is not much of an action base tho as the given clear rod + hips/waist-grabber clipper cannot do much…

But Mk VI managed to do this flying pose on it LOL!

Now let’s move on to Mk VI various features and hidden weaponry!

The armour piece at Mk VI’s collar-bone can slide open to reveal an extendable rocket pod, one on each side!

Up next is the wrist guards on both arms, of which a pad can be slid out to reveal the dual laser cannons used in the ultimate move as seen in the movie…

Via part swapping, the armour pieces on both forearms can be exchanged with the ones with Mk VI’s Multi Missile Launchers extended…

Missile barrage in the dark!

Turning our attention to Mk VI’s sexy back, we can see a quad of air break systems used in Iron Man’s flight controls…

A pity tho that the larger flaps are not really aligned with Mk VI’s body… orz

Note that hidden in one of the flaps is a switch to Mk VI’s Arc Reactor LED lighting gimmick… ^_~

On either sides of the joint between Mk VI’s thigh and hips is a spring action pop-up countermeasure systems.

The one on the right side tho tends to pop out by its own during posing… I wonder if anyone else have this problem…

Moving on to the legs, the armour piece at the back of the calf can be opened to reveal some mechanism within…

This Hot Toys figure comes with several exchange-able damaged parts to create that final battle Mk VI as seen in the movie, via parts swapping of course…

Ah… All in a day’s work…

Ooommmppphhh! That hurts! >,<

I’ll shatter your imagination with my Stark-ful fist of fury!

One last thing, let’s have a look at the man behind the iron mask… The face we all come to love and admire – the actor Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark! Too bad his eyes are focused upon something… above him… 0_0

Anyways, there’s also an extra neck part that is given to use with Tony Stark’s head sculpt from the previous Mk IV package, which I don’t have in my possession, zannen…

No peace signs! Just kidding!

Well, Stark’s never let go of a chance to get acquainted with local musume—tte hands off my Ranka-chan!!! :0

All and all, this is one magnificent piece of art, save for several issues like dim LED lighting on eyes and palms, weak knee joints, loose parts here and there, misaligned pieces, severely limited articulations, etc…

A fine addition to my ever-growing family of action figures… ^_~ I’m lucky to have POed it when it’s announced back then as the price have risen now… Over RM 700 now instead of RM 580 back then!!! 0_0


4 responses

  1. T.K.

    Now THAT is freaking badass! The amount of detail in this figure is astouding. The price for it is too much for me to bear though.

    15th May, 2011 at 13:36

    • One of the the good things of PO-ing… Cheaper starting price! ^^;

      15th May, 2011 at 13:53

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