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Miku-tan no Omocha!

Over these past few moons, many arrivals from separate sauce have finally reached my den… =3c

Nope, Miku-tan… They’re not yours… ^^;

I’ve started to accumulate omocha for my unborn musume ever since Unlimited Installment Works, eventho I’ve yet to complete the last phase of the Noble Phantasm that is acquiring a DDS base body… orz

Anyways, all these acquisitions are some what in scale to my upcoming musume, which is about 50+ cm tall (1/3)…

First of all is a quad of McDonald’s food straps I got with the help of comrade Gordonator, who offered to ship them to comrades around the world when the straps were offered at his local McD’s some moon ago…

It’s supposed to be a total of 6 in a Happy Meal set, but I decided against the last two since I don’t need more burgers (Or pie… I don’t mind oppai tho…) than the two I have now… XDc

Next up is a couple of official PSP straps from Takara Tomy, which I discovered some time back that it is in scale to a DD!

I got a couple of them in a heart beat, hoping to get meself Pink and Black but since they’re randomly packed before shipped to me, I got a couple of different ones… D:

Oh well… Green and White is fine too! XDc Just look at them! Perfectly mould to each minute details, including all those tiny buttons!

Here’s a size comparison with their 1/1 counterpart… XDc

Up next is a Dual Scoped Laser Rifle I’ve got in preparation to weaponise my musume when she arrives… ^_~

Procured from the wild, wild wilderness of eBay, this 1/3 scaled DSLR (Tsk! Dual Scoped Laser Rifle… XDc) will be handy for pew-pewing various things… =3c

True to its original, this Takara Tomy manufactured gachapon replica perfectly mimics its base model, a Pentax I-don’t-know-which-model DSLRK-r professional camera, and comes in 15 colour combinations (But I got this Black x black version for the sake of, umm, professionalism… ^^;)…

Underneath the replica is a piece of clear plastic thingie…

…which allows you to attach the miniature replica onto your own 1/1 camera with compatible horse shoe adapter! :Dc

Now you can shoot while your mini-me shoots… ^~^;

And finally a size comparison with its 1/1 behemoth…

Oh, this Nikon D-3000 belongs to my cousin BTW…

3 responses

  1. Oh gosh those tiny PSPs and camera are so cute haha the detail in it is amazing!

    10th May, 2011 at 04:28

    • Perfect for your own musume, LOL!

      10th May, 2011 at 16:01

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