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Fellow DD Meisters, I’m in need of your help!

The hunt for a little sister is now in full effect!

As you may all know, Phase 3 of the ever-going Unlimited Installment Works requires the acquisition of a DD Base Body for Tama-chan, of which I’ve set my eyes and mind in getting the more versatile Dollfie Dream Sister

Up until now, Volks have yet to properly announce the sales of the DDS Base Body, and the only way to get one is via purchasing of their limited Touhou Project DDS Reimu and DDS Marisa. Altho there are rumours of a possible Summer release, one must not rely much on that sauce…

I’ve tried Y!JA several times lately to get what I want but I’ve always got out bid by some “disgustingly” rich comrades… TAT And according to many parents, DDS Base Body might see another full year before eventual release… ^^;

So I ask you this, fellow comrades: Anyone of you owners of a DDS Base Body willing to part with her? It doesn’t have to be mint in box or something, just as long as the body is intact and free from staining… I’m willing to pay up to USD 300 for the body…

Interested party please contact me via neoprolacus[at]gmail[dot]com. All transactions will be done via Paypal…

Hopefully I can get one before the time limit as I plan to unveil Tama-chan in this year’s AFA…

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