Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Kiss-A Meido

Comrade Master Chief gix85 staged an invasion upon my island, revealing his intention of descending upon a rumoured certain café/restaurant/bistro that has their servants dressed in frilly, short meido fuku…

Ufufu, I too accompanied him on his conquest, alongside moe military otaku comrade Evangelim… ^_~ I first met both of them during a certain cosplay competition held over an Earth cycle ago…

KissA Koyotei (喫茶紅葉亭) has been around my island for a couple of years to date, started business after Chinese New Year in the year of the Ox (2009), claiming the title of being the unique one and only Meido Kissa on my island…

Anyways, I met up with comrade gix85 several hours earlier at the Bay of Queens to wait for comrade Evangelim to finish his obaito. Had a little chat in Starbucks during the wait too.

It was fun to hear all about comrade gix85’s half-an-Earth-cycle adventure in Japan last year, especially his obsession at a certain Meido at @Home Cafe whom he almost always visited during her working days… XDc From the looks of it, both of them are pretty close… =3c

Anyways, after meeting up with comrade Evangelim, we head straight towards the said kissaten which is within the city limits…

By the time we reached there, we’ve already onaka peta peta, thus had to place our order to save our growling, annoyed stomachs… ^^;

Perhaps due to the recent fear of Nuclear Apocalyptic radiated raw materials imported from Japan, the Kissa’s menu resorted to labels indicating the sauce of each ingredients used: Taiwan, Indonesia, Norway, etc.

I lol’d… ^^;;;

Soon after order, Popura brought us some ice-cold “awesomely diluted” (As gix85 would put it…) ocha and a serving of equally icy meat ball as opening appetiser… ^~^

Sorry to disappoint you all, I’ve chicken’d out and didn’t have the nerve to photoshoot the couple ‘o’ meidos stationed in the Kissa at that time…

There are several other tables full of guests, many of them are local Japanese ethnic from the sounds of it… Particularly love the way one of the visiting family’s loli musume going “Dame, dame, dame!” at her shota otouto/oniichan or something… XDc

It wasn’t long before our meals are ready. Comrade gix85 ordered a Tempura Set while both comrade Evangelim and I got ourselves a serving of Katsu Don.

Evangelim had already dig in by the time gix85’s puchis still running about playing with our freshly served meals… 0_0

gix85’s custom Yui plushie finally made her grand entrance to the “party” as well! XDc

The same cannot be said for the timid Plushie-chan… ^^;

Wild Puchi Miku appears! Puchi Miku uses Coax! It’s super effective!

Emerged from her hiding space (My backpack… ^^;). Plushie-chan finally made aquaintance with Yui and the equally shy Mio of Keion Bu! She looks like their onee-chan, or their tsukaima if you see it at another angle! XDc

Our mini photo shooting session (Note: MY photo shooting session… ^^;) caught the attention of one of the meido, as pointed out by Master Chief himself… ;3c

Staying until the Kissa’s closing hours before departing… Popura here waves goodbye to all!

Had a blast with all the otaku chatting with comrades… ^_^ Zannen that gix85 had to leave soon to other states of the country. Hope to see him again in the near future, maybe at certain otaku events? ^_~


7 responses

  1. T.K.

    The place has pretty good food, though I can’t say much about the meido service. XD

    17th April, 2011 at 11:17

    • Yeah… The food is nice and all… Meido service, what Meido service LOL? ^^;

      17th April, 2011 at 12:34

  2. Nice place. I had some sushi the other week while I was in Savannah. Not sure if it was imported or not, but I’m not sick, lol.

    Btw: haven’t came for a blog visit in awhile now, lol.

    19th April, 2011 at 01:34

  3. Okaerinasai, goshuujinsama! XDc

    19th April, 2011 at 05:59

  4. Lol, thank you. Glad to be back. I’ll try to keep up with post more often.

    19th April, 2011 at 07:17

  5. Nyanerius/Shaomu

    Huh. First thing that came to mind was “Kiss a Coyote”. That would drive me away…

    20th April, 2011 at 11:05

    • If the Coyote is a moe-She will you still kiss her? XDc

      20th April, 2011 at 11:10

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