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Had a pleasant surprise when comrade Winterknight00 sent me a teaser or sorts… XDc

Miko~n!! indeed! =3c

When I started Unlimited Installment Works, it is already decided that I MUST get hold of Tamamo’s default blue miko fuku… However the only way to get one is by commissioning a seamstress or a tailor to make one from scratch! DX

By all accounts I failed to find one on my island due to severe lack of intelligence (Where’s my scouting droid!?), thus I reach beyond the seven seas for help…

Thanks to Anime Festival Asia 2010, I’ve met lotsa new and old comrades. One of them, comrade joeltng (A parent of a lovely DD Lily himself! XDc), is kind enough to direct me to a fellow parent who himself offered help to my plight! :Dc

Just a couple of days ago he helped me placed an order to his seamstress to start the miko fuku project! The image above is actually a source pic I’ve sent to Winterknight00-san… That’s his hands BTW LOL… ^^;

I’m pretty confident with the ability of this seamstress as she did Winterknight00’san and other DD parents’ outfits regularly. I’ve first witness the quality of her work via Arayden‘s lovely Mirai and Haruka during AFAX visit… ^_~

I’m so excited! ^~^ While not really in a hurry, I hope the seamstress can finish the order before September as I plan to introduce my musume in her default outfit this coming AFA… :Dc

On the other hand, I pray hard for the announcement and sale of the Volk’s DDS base body within this time frame… ^^;

On another note, I’ve obtained yet another outfit for Tama-chan… Actually, I won the bid of this Taiso fuku x Buruma set at Y!JA last month for only 1 yen LOL! ;D

That’s already 3 external outfits for Tama-chan now including the mizugi and casual dress I got from some time ago, eventho I have yet to get a base body for her… orz

Once again, doumo arigatou gozai mashita, Winterknight00-san! /Bows


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