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The Third Coming of Cha–I mean–Soniko

The fourth moon of current Earth cycle is a really kame-slow period for Osaka, all thanks to the decision to activate the Noble Phantasm called Unlimited Installment Works several moons ago… orz

Yeah, the lack of figures and PlaMo makes me a dull otaku, reeling in despair… ^^;

Anyways, posted on various online sites are a couple of lovely plushies that caught my attention… :3c

Due to popular demand, the plushie form of Nitro+’s chou kawaii busty-turned-DFC image chara Super Soniko (Produced by Gift, the company behind many lovely plushies such as Miku and the upcoming Nen Plus Caster Extra… =3c) will see a 2nd re-release!

Version 2 sees Soniko-gao in her smashing camouflage-esque toramimi parka, which is removable! XDc

And of course her signature head set is included too… ^~^

The 3rd release will be available this June at 2,800 yen…

Besides the above, the mascot also gets a new makeover in pyon-pyon form! XDc

This time around, Soniko-pyon gets to wear a light coloured usamimi hoodie… :3c

Just like Version 2, Version 3 comes with her signature head set as well…

Coming at the same time as Version 2, retailing at 2,800 yen…

My fingers are getting clickie itchy, tasty to press the PO button… >.<


4 responses

  1. I want her in Nekomimi hood TAT

    12th April, 2011 at 21:30

    • Would love to get Version 2 too but… orz

      13th April, 2011 at 06:39

  2. erizo

    hey Yunamon, long time no see.
    You keep in touch with Frozentrace and/or Plue? How about DarkChaser? … I know, long time, many years have passed.

    What anime are you into?

    13th April, 2011 at 03:42

    • Lost contact with trace-mei, Plue-chan and DC-san… ^^; But I still managed to meet Jandiia (now known as Stellar Rinya) during AFAX last year… :3c

      For anime, many! XDc

      13th April, 2011 at 06:38

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