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A Foxy Temptation!

Animangazines, books, artbooks… I don’t usually gotta collect ’em all tho due to the killer shipping fees… ^^;

However, Tamamo‘s been tempting me to get these particular Fate/Extra themed books so much that I nearly click on the “Cart Out” button almost immediately when I browsed on them at Amazon Japan! ^^;

From what I’ve heard/read, the Fate/Extra Visual Fanbook has many juicy images of official arts for last year’s PSP game, as well as many inside info on the in-game characters and gameplay itself, staff interviews, some manga and novel entries, etc… 0~0

As for the MagiKyuu 4koma Fate/Extra is an official collection of doujin works from various artists, all themed towards the digital world of Fate/Extra…

There are three volumes available up until now… Dem those lovely cover arts… >~<

Yet, due to extreme fund allocation for Unlimited Installment Works, I’ve no choice but to put my thoughts on hold… for now. =3c


4 responses

  1. Those cover arts are really lovely…. OTL

    26th March, 2011 at 14:52

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