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Green with Envy

Warning: The following 4koma may contain tragic ending, viewer discresion is advised… =3

Nice pun with the title, ne? XDc

As you may all know, I’ve acquired a new lappy just a couple ‘o’ weeks ago, and has fondled her non stop ever since… ^^;

Perhaps Aina, my 4 years + old veteran rig, saw my preoccupation with the new girl Tamamo,  and was jealous of her deeply… 0_0

She (Aina) did the unexpected: As I logged her off to let her have her well deserved rest (Well, I did let her work non-stop for years now… ^~^;), she just refused to restart up when I went back to her later!!! >,<

Panicked, I’ve sent her to the nearest hospital for diagnosis, which turns out that her GPU is fried… :0

Having no choice, I had to agree to let a surgery performed upon her, replacing her faulty GPU with a new one…

Here’s the remains of the broken GPU… ^^;

Even after her revival, Aina refused to let me input a series of indoctrinations to her, forcing me no choice but to memory wipe her at least a couple of times before she starts to accept new implantation of additional programs… ^^;

At least the re-education works… Now she happily accepts Tamamo as her new Sister-in-My-Arms… :P

I blame all these events upon my ever persistent Otaku Jinx genes… ^A^;

Finally, thanks to Ranka (My latest 1/6 musume!) and Lacus (My 1st ever musume!) for portraying Tamamo and Aina respectively… =3c


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