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Thanks to a rec from a comrade parent, I’ve acquired yet another item for my ultimate Musume Maker Project… XDc

Many moons have come and go as Unlimited Installment Works goes according to plan, bringing my Dollfie Dream (Twin pun!) closer to completion with each update… ^~^

Arrived to my den just a few nites ago is the carrier somewhat tailored to ferry my DDS Tamamo (Once completed of course! XDc).

From Dollmore, a Korean BJD online store, this particular 26 Inches Carriage Bag is originally meant for the Super Dollfie variant of BJD, but its size and dimension fits a DD nicely… ^_~

I’m not really sure about it but I kinda love the rough textures on this leather skin-like material utilised to produce this fine DD carrier bag…

The zipper has dual fasteners, each has a ring end allowing you to put on an external lock for further protection of your lovely musume… :)

The handle has a couple of locking buttons to fix the handle straps on either sides together for easy carriage… ^_~

Much like a travelling bag we humans use most of the time, a labeling tag is included to allow you to affix your personal info onto the particular bag… XDc

Will place mine after I got DDS Tamamo no Mae and had her photos taken… XDc

On both ends of the bag is a single metal ring of which you attach the shoulder strap included for easy transport… ^_~

The inner side of the bag has a huge space for your musume, and features a couple of locking straps to let you secure your musume in bondage… ^^;

Also note that the bottom of the bag is quite thick which will protect your musume against your mishandling of a carry bag… XDc

The shoulder strap is included of course!

It is made out from the same leathery material as the rest of the bag itself!

Besides the bag, I’ve also acquired some towels to help filling up the space left after strapping your musume to further reinforce her protection…

The Oil Spray and Water Wax I’ve ordered from Volks also arrived… Time to start working on styling the wig to Tamamo’s image soon! :3c

A question to fellow InnovaDDos: Do I apply the oil spray 1st before waxing it for styling or the other way around? =3

For now, I’ve packed the carry bag with all my acquired DD items thus far…

Those McD food straps? Got ’em thanks to comrade Gordonator… ^_^

Maybe it’s me being their first time customer, Dollmore included a pack of free gift along with the bag…

The pack has a Dollmore postcard, a sticker and a chibi sexy button batch… XDc

Prays for early announcement of the DDS base body!


4 responses

  1. Kuro

    Hey was just wondering how much did you have to pay for shipping for the carrier? ><

    I'm looking into getting one but would like to do an estimate budget X3 So if you don't mind telling that would be much help ^^

    Thank you in advance~

    27th April, 2011 at 15:44

    • USD 20 to ship to my island… =3c

      27th April, 2011 at 18:22

      • Kuro

        Thanks ^^

        28th April, 2011 at 00:49

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