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Thank You, 39!

Today is the 9th day of the 3rd month, which is Miku’s Day! XDc

In the Japanese language, 3 and 9 is San/Mitsu and Kyuu/Kuu respectively and is pronounced as MiKuu when joined together, thus creation of the Miku’s Day! ^_~

Incidentally, 39 can also be pronounced as Thank You (SanKyuu) as well, therefore Miku’s Day is also a day she thanks all of her fans of their loyal support all these years! XDc

BTW, these couple ‘o’ Live @ My Room piccies are actually from quite while ago… XDc

What are you waiting for? Off you go with your negi and dance like mad in the name of the Vocaloid songstress! XDc


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