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猶予期間 Matrix Up~!

With the closure of the 2nd Phase, it will be some time before the next Phase will begin; Considering the target of the next phase might take sometime before its release, not to mention accumulation of the funds for it… ^^;

Ever since the Noble Phantasm, it seems that the after effect has some what blessed me with the immunity to many upcoming POs of lovely FigNendo cuties and Gunpla.

Not that I’m not interested in any of them, in fact I’m rather attracted to Nendoroid Nomi Kudryavka Winter Clothes version, Nendoroid Stocking, Kotobukiya RAcaseal Eleanor Ver.APSY and 1/100 Master Grade 00-Raiser…

Luckily, the determination to fulfil this Dollfie Dream (Double pun! XDc) managed to hold onto my itchy fingers to press the PO buttons on various online sites… XDc

Anyways taking this period of inactivity, I’m going to recheck the to-do list of Unlimited Installment Works… ^_~

Phase 1: Dollfie Dream Head (Got 2 DDHs instead but already gave up the 1st one to a comrade for adoption…)

Phase 2: Kitsunemimi x Shippo, Wig, Animetic Eyes (Custom made the eyes! =3c Still thinking if I should style the wig myself as I know I’m gonna fail big time… ^^; Mmm… Any comrade willing to do a custom wig style for Tama-chan? Please contact me via neoprolacus[at]gmail[dot]com…)

Phase 3: Dollfie Dream II M-Bust Base Body Normal Skin/Dollfie Dream Sister Base Body Normal Skin

Phase 4: Alternate apparels, Caster Extra costume, Wig Care Products, Accessories (Got a bikini and everyday wear, at least Tama-chan will be spared staying in her birthday suit when I procure her body! XDc Now to find a seamstress for the costume…)

Apparently as forecasted by many veteran comrade parents, DDS will probably take a while before its base body go on sale, eventho DDS Touhou Project is coming in a few days… orz

Therefore it maybe a while before I can actually get a body for Tama-chan as I’ve set my target getting a DDS instead of the usual DDII… ^^; Oh well, at least I can reroute my monetary flow during this period… XDc

Anyways, while waiting for Phase 3, I may as well as considering getting Phase 4 items since I don’t particularly follow the sequences anyways… XDc

Need an adequate DD Carrying Case/Bag much… Considering getting this Volks official SD Carrying Case, opted for the Black Lattice instead…

Or is there any other alternatives that is much superior and more affordable thank Volks’ heavy shipping, comrade parents?

Next up are some DD care products: Face Cover for SD, Dollfie Wig Oil Spray and Dollfie Water Wax

I wonder if the face cover will work for a DDH? Really need to protect the lovely DDH face-up from harm’s way… >,<

Advises are humbly welcomed, veteran comrade parents out there! ^_~

RAcaseal Eleanor Ver.APSY

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