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Immediately after the long Chinese New Year Holidays, the Postal Dude finally delivered the long-awaited To Aru Majutsu no Index 1st Release Limited Edition PSP Game to my doorsteps…

Just as the 1st Release Limited Edition of Fate/Extra PSP Game before it, I ordered this purely for the included Figma Misaka Mikoto, my fave chara among the hundreds in the To Aru Series… ^_~

An overview of the main box… Unlike the illustrative beautiful Fate/Extra, To Aru Majutsu no Index (Index Henceforth) has its cover covered with the main chara of the series on a rather bland black background…

My imagination is shattered by the lack of effort by the makers… ^^;

Even the sides of the box lacks imagination… ^^;

The same can be said for the top and bottom of the box itself… >,<

Just cut-out-copy-pasta of Figma Mikoto in her signature pose seen on various news site during her announcement some moons ago… ^^;

Unlike the extra -laden Fate/Extra with lots of extra goodies, Index is just your standard fare featuring just the PSP game itself along with Figma Mikoto…

Alas, I view the PSP game as just a omake to the Figma itself as Mikoto is the sole purpose I got this box in the 1st thing… ^^;

The plastic box that is game itself… Nothing much to see here except a standard coloured manual and its equally disappointing UMD illus design… 0_0

The Index game is listed as a FTG (Fighting) game, but unlike the fame that is Street Fighter/King of Fighter/Tekken, this is not your usual side view combo button smashing fest…

The Story mode follows a set of 5 different chara’s paths that intertwined with one another, and is told via visual novel styled flash backs… The Story Mode covers all Season 1 and 2 of the Index anime BTW…

If you’re not a follower of the novels/anime/manga of this series, you’ll get utterly confused with what’s going on as the Story mode will fast forward thru non relevant plots straight into the battle (The main part)…

The game plays much like what I would suggest a Third Person Perspective Street Brawling game… ^^;

Basically the battle part had you, the Attacker (Chara of choice) and sometimes with a Partner (Backup attacker) tagged along against your target (Which can consist of a sole Attacker or an Attacker x Partner…); Your Attacker’s sight is always locked onto your target, thus your directional buttons/analog stick correspond to such: Up = Forward, Left = Left and so on…

Combo action list is a little on the fewer side, as you only have Light (X) and Heavy (Triangle) attacks + directional buttons at your disposal… L, R or L+R are used for Partner Assist/Unison Raid, while O is reserved for Over Drive (OD): The SP attack of your chara…

Index does feature a rather unique finisher move which is pretty much like Mortal Kombat’s Fatality move and can only be triggered if you use OD to finish off your opponent during the last round of the battle…

The video below is an example of a single 2-round battle of the Index game. You’ll notice that I use Misaka Imouto as Attacker, Misaka Mikoto as Partner and Team Work as Identify (Passive ability: Attack + 25% after you successfully trigger Partner support for 3 times)…


True to To Aru’s analogy, extensive usage of Kanji acronyms can really confuse many players straight from the start… ^^; Anyways, a lot of these acronyms may refer to many passive effects and abilities but I won’t go thru in details here… You’ll need to experience the game yourself for all the fun! ^_^

Alrighty, now onto the main reason for this acquisition…

Figma Misaka Mikoto!

Mikoto comes with a couple of exchangeable face plates: Tsun tsun stare and dere dere shockku… Xdc Beyond that she also comes with her school bag as well as her electircal discharge effect part…

8 hand units are included: Gekota cell holding hand, railgun coin hands, pointy finger hand, etc…

Mikoto is happily texting with her Gekota cell…

To whom I wonder? Touma her beloved? XDc

“It’s… It’s not like I’m really obsessed with Gekota that I have this… this Gekota cell and Ge… Gekota strap on my school bag…!”

Aww you don’t have to deny it, my dear Misaka! XDc

A pity Figma Mikoto doesn’t comes with her sword generated by her electromagnetism… So I had her carry Black Rock Shooter’s katana as an alternative… XDc

Oh oh… Looks like Mikkumiku is being targeted by Biribiri… 0_0

Readying her coin for the mayhem… ^_~

*Electric crackles*

Shooooooo—tto—!!! Akimbo Railgun FTW!

For a omake of this buroggu entry, here’s a little Sisterly Love 4koma for your reading pleasure, featuring Biribiri and HMO Miku! XDc

Note: Biribiri means Sheep in the Malay tongue… Xdc

The exclusive Figma Misaka Mikoto is next in line! =3c Zannen desu wa that I had to cancel my PO for 1st Release Limited To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game which comes with Figma Shirai Kuroko as I had to accumulate my funds for Unlimited Installment Works… =,=

12 responses

  1. A box filled with biribiri action! But ya, got to agree about the box illustration. Ah well, you got Misaka to zap the designer into a crispy pile, anime style :P.

    13th February, 2011 at 15:21

    • Well, it does seem the trend of Figma/Nendo/Nenpuchi + PSP game is going rapidly lately… More wallet-consumption! >,M

      14th February, 2011 at 14:03

  2. How is the game? Been wondering if it was worth trying out. Nice little bonus figma that comes with it ^^

    17th February, 2011 at 07:27

    • Story mode a little too short and confusing if you’re not a follower of To Aru franchise, and the gameplay is simple…

      It can be very addictive tho if you’ve started into it… ^_~

      17th February, 2011 at 09:27

  3. feriel1216

    Oh my. Misaka Imouto’s a cheat! LOL. She has 3 imoutos plus her partner Misaka. RAWR!

    17th February, 2011 at 08:27

    • But Touma excels at chaining combos! XDc

      17th February, 2011 at 09:29

  4. Oh, should be interesting for me to get then. However, just wondering this comes with almost nearly all the characters (such as Itsuwa, etc).

    18th February, 2011 at 01:42

    • Itsuwa is there, complete with her excessive cleavage… XDc

      18th February, 2011 at 05:38

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