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Gundam Fight! Ready– Go~!

Some moons have gone since my last assembly of a Gunpla kit, a sudden itch for Plamo-ing several days ago propelled me in procuring a set after dropping and bidding farewell to my Singaporean uncle (Coming back for Chinese New Year Reunion, the very same uncle who offered me a stay during AFAX… :3c) at the bus station…

As per my history, I rarely acquire 1/144 scaled High Grade Gunpla kits due to their lack of skill level, details, articulations and size (A bulk of my Gunpla consists of 1/100 scaled Master Grades)…

However, I just simply cannot pass up this opportunity to get this fembot as she’s the only jewel among the GARness that is coolio Gundam variations…

This 1/144 High Grade Nobell Gundam (Or Sailormoon Gundam as mischieviously called by many people… ^^;) hails from the unconventional Gundam series called 機動武闘伝Gガンダム, (Mobile Fighter G Gundam), a stray among the many Gundam series to date due to its implementation of the Monster (Gundam) of the Week formula which is quite popular during its airing period (The 80’s)…

The series follows a Gundam Fighter named Domon Kasshu (With his Shining Gundam) in his journey to the top of the 13th Gundam Fight Tournament (Representing Neo-Japan against his will). During the course of his journey, Domon met up with Allenby Beardsley (The youngest and the only female fighter in the tournament), the Neo-Sweden representative pilot of this amazingly feminine Nobell Gundam… ^_~

Alright, enough history… Let’s move onto the Gunpla herself! XDc

First we’ll have a look at her various articulations…

Nobell possess duo neck joints, a rarity among HG kits which allows her a wider range of neck movements… A pity tho that her long hair and side burns obstructed most of her head movements…

Luckily tho, the hair piece has a single ball joint which allows you to kinda swing it sideways… 0_0 Ah well, better have one lousy joint than having none… ^^;

Nobell’s utilised ball joints on her shoulders, allowing her to pose at various angles mimicking a Master Grade… :0

Staying true to a High Grade’s lack of articulation, Nobell can only bend her elbow some 100+ degrees arc on her implemented single joint…

Most MGs have double elbow joints instead…

Unlike your usual HG tho, Nobell sports a rather articulate abdomen, much akin to your average MG! Sugoii~! :Dc

She even have a wider rotation range on her waist too!!! This HG never ceased to amaze me!

Nobell’s front and side skirts are flippable ala UiharuX3c The same cannot be said for her rear skirts tho, as they are fixed in place as per HG…

She does have a unique pelvic joint that allows her to tilt her hips and legs in a much feminine way… XDc

With a rather MG-esque thigh joints, Nobell can easily do her side leg splitting for a stretch… :3c

Normal leg splitting however is impossible due to her fixed rear skirts…

As expected, her legs can only bend at most 90+ degrees; However, her heels are blessed with double joints allowing a rather awkward tilt at her ankles… XDc

This is rather unexpected as I assemble Nobell… She does have a partial inner frame! 0_0

A MG feature on HG!? That’s a win in my book!

She can sit very feminine-ish, thanks to her awesome thigh joints… ^_~

Trying out Iron Man’s famous ground pound, now mixed with a feline femme fatale touch… XDc

Nobell can do a nice crouch too, unlike her HG peers… :P

Besides Nobell herself, there are tons of extras included with this Gunpla kit: A standard semi opaque Action Stand with a connecting peg, Beam Ribbon effect parts x 5, Beam Ribbon hilts, a weight and several pairs of hands…

The Beam Ribbon effect parts are connected onto the hilts by folding a small section at the end so that it’ll fit into the gap on the hilt, as the effect part is rather thin…

Now onto action poses of this girl Gundam! XDc

颯爽登場! 銀河美少(年)女!

Ever fancy a Gundam doing rhythmic gymnastic? Now you get to gaze at one… XDc

Ass whipping ala Whiplash… ^^;

The only problem I have on this Gunpla so far is her feet’s tendency to pop-out from her socket… ^^;

Lastly, a size comparison with Mio von Flügel and HMO Miku to show you how petite Nobell is… :3c

All and all, she’s a fine kit to satiate my (And yours too!) lust for a hopeful MG version of her… >,<


6 responses

  1. I kinda broke the right pelvic joint, now it’s kinda loose. ”orz

    12th February, 2011 at 07:08

  2. Blacksun88

    such an amazing articulation for 1/144 ^^ well it is fun to play 1/144 coz u can see the evolution of gunpla where they included more and more MG element inside it..

    15th February, 2011 at 00:03

    • A pity MG never gets more PG elements added to it.. >,<

      15th February, 2011 at 09:51

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