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Appending Vocaloid Songstress

Some days before the official WonFes set-to-be announcement by GSC, Mikatan accidentally leaked a piccie containing a glimpse at the 100th Figma! ^^;

It was quickly taken down from her buroggu tho, but not before the ever vigilant Tsukiboard managed to snatch that particular piccie for us! XDc

From the looks of it (1st on top row), the 100th Figma is undeniably a variation of the Vocaloid Songstress Hatsune Miku in her Append Mode (aka Hatsune Miku Append), which I think  it’s very proper unlike Nendoroid’s 100th being Mickey Mouse or Revoltech’s endless rehash of Eva-01… ^^;

Ahh! Scandalous! And I can feel the disturbance in the Force with all those Miku fans all around the world… XDc


7 responses

  1. ah crap, I’ll be buying that one for sure, Max Factory does it again!

    4th February, 2011 at 14:30

    • Resisting, resisting, resisted! =_=

      4th February, 2011 at 22:59

  2. I’ll be not getting any one them for now, zannen.. ^^:

    4th February, 2011 at 18:45

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