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The new body mould for Dollfie Dream, branded under the name Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS from now on), will make its début in a few days at various Volks appointed stores! :Dc

Announced some time back, the new DDS base body will featured several overhauls and upgrades not seen on its predecessor (DDII base body)…

Spearheading the use of the new mould will be DDS Hakurei Reimu and DDS Kirisame Marisa from Touhou Project fame!

While the price for the DDS base body haven’t been announced yet, samples of the new mould will be display across Japan including Volks Retail Stores, Tenshi no Sumika and Tenshi no Sato for a limited time – 5th of February until the 13th…

DDS sports a revamped shoulder design as well as a much more flexible articulation around the elbow joint!

The new design allows your daughter to do such poses most of the time impossible to the DDII base body… :Dc

I don’t think DDII can sit cross-legged before… XDc DDs can do such tomboyish pose now… :Dc

Leg hugging is now much more natural! <3

And even leg splitting too!!! 0_0

Truth to be told that it was the announcement of DDS back then that settled my decision to adopt a DD daughter… I was quite skeptical a while ago as DD costs lotsa credits and the limitations of articulations on DDII kinda holding me at bay but no longer…

Now to choose between the DDII and DDS base body! My bets on DDS but will have to see the pricing first! ^_~


4 responses

  1. Those last 3 pics of her sitting cross legged, hugging her knees, and doing a split are just fantastic.

    I’m already starting to think of getting my girls an imouto – providing the body isn’t something like $800! haha

    5th February, 2011 at 13:15

    • Hopefully… XDc

      6th February, 2011 at 21:55

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