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Note: Keikaku means Plan

Two moons have passed since the first placement of my Noble Phantasm, progress has been going well just according to keikaku, a major torture to my bank account in the process… ^^;

Over the past few weeks, more and more Dollfie Dream stuffs start to creep into my den… Soon Phase 2 of my project will finally complete and the time to move onto the biggest challenge of the Unlimited Installment Works: procurement of the DDII M-bust base body…

That… will starve me for another two moons… ^^;

Anyways, since the very economical acquisition of a DDH for a mere 1,000 yen bid won at Y!JA, I’ve meant to custom it by redoing the thing altogether…

After many attempts using nail polish remover, sand-papering and eye-decal applications later, I’ve almost got it right, but I’m not quite happy with my painting skill at all… ^^;

The eye decal starts to peel itself off after a couple of weeks (I’ve redone it by using a permanent marker, looks OK-ish to me…) and I believe I’ve messed up her mouth… >,<

In the end, I’ve decided to get a professionally done DDH from Y!JA… And I did managed to get one, albeit adding another blow to my wallet… :0

Done by SQ-Lab, their custom DDH’s on Y!JA fetched positive comments from various DD parents, many of them can skyrocket to 20,000 yen – 30,000 yen or more at a time!

It’s a miracle that I even managed to win this Kanae Type-25 Original DDH for 10,000 yen (Still hurts my monetary reserves tho… Ouch!), despite several contenders for her fairness… ^_~

Looks like my decision to snipe-bid works… :3c Expecting to welcome her by next week if all goes well… :Dc

During these while, I’ve been searching for a more suitable Animetic eyes for my custom DD, as the one I got from Volks directly seems too small the iris on my 1st DDH…

While randomly googling around the cyberfield, I’ve stumbled upon a comrade’s blog site that offers to take commissions on making custom doll eyes called Ersa Flora.

Silver Solstice-san can do all sorts of doll eyes, from 1/6 to 1/3 to metallic eyes to normal eyes to even glow-in-the-dark eyes, and her price is pretty much similar to the official Volk’s ones which is reasonable…

Here’s a piccie showing her custom eyes in action… ^_~

Besides the above, I’ve also acquired a couple more dollie stuffs from Hobby Search. The first being a Metallic Stand for 60cm Dolls by Cuties

It is a hips-grabber type stand with a heavy, sturdy metal base that will be handy when I get the DDII M-bust base body later on… ^_~

Besides that, I also procured a pair of 60cm Haruka Shoes by Obitsu as an alternative for Caster Extra’s platform footwear… :P

As you may notice underneath the shoes, it has magnetic parts allowing you to “stick” it onto metal surface.

It is so strong that you can stick them onto the Doll Stand vertically! XDc

And finally fresh from Y!JA are two DD outfits for my upcoming daughter! XDc

Both (The dark dress and the pure white bikini) items are actually made by the same tailor/seamstress… It’s berry naisu of him/her to have included a thank you slip along with the package… ^_~

His/Her name is Saito… Hmmm… coincidence? The seiyuu for Caster Extra is Saito Chiwa-chan! XDc

Anyways… Phase 2 is now completed… :Dc Beginning phase 3…


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  3. Making a Custom DDS Caster eh! sneaky!! Very Sneaky!! or maybe I’m just too oblivious to things happening around me =_=;

    3rd February, 2011 at 13:55

    • You’re too busy with your Empire operations, ne?

      20th February, 2011 at 12:49

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