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Type Me to the Moon and Let Me Ace Amongst the Stars…

Shipped only on the 4th day after New Year’s due to holidays, was very surprised when I got the package a couple of days later from Amazon Japan! My what fast courier service! ^^;

Just like any Animangazine I got before, the shipping is a killer, costing 3 times the price of the product itself!! ^^;

But alas the worth of the item overthrows the cost as I flipped thru the pages in amazement and non-stop doki doki moments… ^o^

Was a little overwhelmed  by the contents of the animangazine tho… It’s almost as thick as your average Hobby Japan or Dengeki Japan monthly animangazine… 0_0

Being named Type-Moon Ace, of course the animagazine is full of news and info on various works by Type-Moon, with early pages filled with various past works in a nifty randomized textual timelines, starting from Tsukihime on the early millennium… ^_~

And now onto the biggest news this time of the year… The announcement of two major Type-Moon anime projects!

Ever since the success Fate/Stay Night, which make a Nasutard outta many of us I believe (Rin! Saber! Archer! XDc), fans has been eager for the next installment of the Fate universe. Earlier some moons ago we’re treated with Unlimited Blade Works movie and I would dare to say it is a HUGE success…

Now we’ll get another anime series based upon the world of the Holy Grail War! Fate/Zero! Mafia Saber and hitotsuma x MILF Iris otanoshimi!!! <3

The other anime announced is a title named Girls’ Work unknown to me, which I have no idea what it’s all about… ^^; But looking at the chara designs and bio… I’m looking forward to it as well… :3c

The anime will be full of DFCs BTW… XDc

Besides the major anime duo, there’s going to be an OVA planned later this Earth cycle too!

Carnival Phantasm will set to be a comedic Type-Moon all-stars from what it seems, crossing chibi chara of various popular Type-Moon works like Tsukihime, Melty Blood and of course Fate… XDc

Spreading several pages is an article of the recently released Dollfie Dream Saber Lily of Fate/Unlimited Codes! Such lovely Silent Beauty! XDc

One of the major articles of this issue is of course the PSP Dungeon RPG Fate/Extra! This is the sole purpose of me getting this animangazine! ^^;

Looking down from the busty Saber Extra‘s waist, you may notice another pair of “eyes” looking back at you… XDc

What excites me the most is the serialisation (Or comicalised as per Japanese Engrish… XDc) of a Fate/Extra manga starting this spring!!!

Must getto when it gets tankobon’ed! XDc

While the early half of the animangazine has various info on future Type-Moon releases, the later half is actually a collection of various Nasu-verse official and seemingly doujin manga panels… One of them being a very hilarious Fate/Extra parody! XDc

Seen here Saber Extra is challenging Caster Extra “eye” to “eye”! X3c <3

Ending the animangazine is a spread of 4-pages double-sided poster listing all cards from the Weiss Schwarz TCG for WS fans lookin’ to build their Type-Moon deck! =3=

As a furoku to this issue of Type-Moon Ace, you get a special DVD full 45 minutes of Fate/Extra chibi goodness, its script penned by Nasu Kinoko (The god of Type-Moon himself)!! :Dc

I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the video to my Youtube Channel… Have a look at these mini Fate/Extra Omake Gekijou episodes… ^_^ They’re so much fun that I wish there’s an anime planned for the world of SE.RA.PH.! :3c

In the 1’st episode, Archer Extra has lost his memories again! ^^; To get him up to speed with current events, Sakura Extra, Caster Extra and Saber Extra try to answer all his (And YOU too!) questions about the setting and world behind Fate/Extra… XDc

Split into two parters, the 2nd episode is essentially about Saber Santa deciding gifts for the casts of Fate/Extra… until Archer drops in that is… XDc

In the last 2-parter episode, Sakura Extra is fed up with her being a minor side chara and decided to challenge the Servants-3 for the right to be the Heroine of Fate/Extra—by kidnapping their Master!!! D:


9 responses

  1. Alphamachine

    =3= so saber N is gonna be bigger than all her sisters lol.

    8th January, 2011 at 07:04

    • Saber Sisters is becoming larger (Both “eyes” and numbers) by each installment! XDc

      8th January, 2011 at 07:21

  2. I lol at them 3 against Sakura XD

    8th January, 2011 at 16:51

    • Sakura is too simple minded, setting all her attacks, A,A,A,A,A,A… XDc

      8th January, 2011 at 17:08

  3. Finding a magazine like that in the UK would be a holy grail XD
    Haha your comment about the eyes made me lol too c:

    11th January, 2011 at 01:46

    • Well… That is what’s happening with their “Eyes”… XDc

      23rd January, 2011 at 14:03

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