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A Year Casted with Foxy Tail!

Only a couple of days left until the end of this fine Earth cycle! Lookin’ back this year, I can safely confess that this is the year of the fox to me… ^o^;

Ever since the official words on the PSP game Fate/Extra, I’ve set my mind to get it for the Figma Saber Extra it comes along with. However as the release date getting nearer and near and then delayed, more info on in-game characters shedding their shadowy shroud, one of them being a new Caster not familiar to me…

It never once crossed my thoughts that I’ll be falling down deeper into the endless pit when I first gaze upon this kitsune mimi musume… 0_0

At first, nothing clicked between me and her. But as I read her bio, reading other player’s experience and finally getting my hands on the PSP mid of this year, I’ve finally succumbed to her charm…

While she is the weakest of the all available player-controlled Servants, she makes up for her lack of strength with her all-powerful mid and end game Spell Casts, as well as her fun personality… ^o^

Over the moons of the year, I’ve collected Caster Extra’s goods and merchandises as I see fit, just like when I was an avid Lacus Clyne fan back in the days… ^^;

I’d ITAtoo’ed my Aria with Caster’s portrait, made a video of her when she’s going dere dere on me in the PSP game, got myself a T-Shirt of her by Cospa, which I wore during AFAX trip earlier last moon, and I’m also now in the midst of assembling a Dollfie Dream of my own in her image! ^_^

Type-Moon Ace, a special magazine dedicated to all Nasu-verse news, has had its Vol. 6 released just last Christmas Eve, which includes a DVD furoku filled with Fate/Extra Gekijou goodness!!!

The special DVD has 3 mini episodes of fun-filled chibi Fate/Extra goodness, of which its episode 02 is available for viewing on Nico Nico Douga until the end of this Earth cycle… This is a must getto for me!

Basically there are two parters to this episode; the first being Saber Santa distributing her presents to the denizens of Fate/Extra… Hilarious parodies assured! XDc

Part B is actually a question-and-answer session involving many mysteries and speculations of the PSP game…

Already had mine ordered from Amazon Japan but just like any other animangazine, the shipping is hefty in sum… >,< There’s still a few books left better get it while they lasts! :P

As if the foxy spirit fueling over my dedication to Caster Extra, I saw over Nendonesia news of the upcoming Nendoroid Plus plushies by Gift – Saber Extra and Caster Extra!!! Kyaa~! XDc

PO will only open mid January 2011 and each of them will take about 3,675 yen from your ever empty wallet. They will make their début in April… :3c

Kawaii deshou? <3 With Gift plushie incoming, I believe a Nendoroid and then Figma version of Caster Extra is imminent… :Dc


9 responses

  1. Want both NendoPlus but the hobby shop can’t get them >_< I also noticed Saber is not CV by Kawasumi Ayako when I was browsing on Fate/EXTRA gameplay on Youtube.

    Good luck on DD Caster and Happy New Year! :3

    29th December, 2010 at 22:56

    • Yes, Saber Extra is voiced by Tange Sakura, the seiyuu for Kinomoto Sakura of CCS!

      30th December, 2010 at 06:01

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  3. Updated with Episode 02 video on Youtube since the Nico Nico Douga one will be taken down today! XDc

    31st December, 2010 at 06:18

  4. Nendoroid petit that cost 3675 yen??? You sure it is not both of them?

    Even Sheryl (white and black) + movie ticket is 4000 yen D:

    31st December, 2010 at 11:40

    • Not Nenpuchi… They are Nendoroid Plus, aka Plushies… :P You know those Miku plushies right?

      1st January, 2011 at 12:07

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