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Building in Progress…

Several DD parts arrived one after another for the past week… :3c

For the uninitiated, I’m in the process of assembling my very own Dollfie Dream, utilising the magnificent Unlimited Installment Works… ^^;

Let’s see… I got this pair of eyes directly from Volks…

Since this is my first time ordering from them, I had a trial by only ordering this animetic eyes.

But alas the cost is too high as the shipping is twice the price of the item itself and Volks only ship by EMS, which is very expensive… >,<

The eye is the same size as a regular Figma head… XDc

Next one is the Kitsune mimi x shippo set I fetched from Y!JA… ^_^

The Foxy ears comes with a clear elastic band to allow you to hook them onto your DD’s head…

The seller even includes an extra band in case the current one… ummm… malfunction! :Dc

The shippo on the other hand has a bendable wire thingie, allowing you to pose it at will…

Did I mention the mimi x shippo are very fluffy? <3

There’s a safety-pin at the root of the shippo, which you’re supposed to attach onto the clothing on your DD…

And now off we go for the main dish! Got this custom head (Her red shiny eyes comes with the head too!) for only 1,000 yen winning bid at Y!JA…0_0

I’m very delighted to have managed to grab such a deal as most of the time, painted DDH can cost as much as 10,000 yen and above!

Looks like I need to get rid of its make-up… I just don’t like the blush painted by the seller… ^^;

Also need to do something to that under-eye shadow… >,<

Luckily for me, her eyes aren’t secured via hot-gluing… Instead they were held onto the sockets by some sorta paper clay thingie…

Eyes transplant is an easy operation from now on!

As always, my special skill “Otaku Jinx” kicks in yet again during my customisation of this DDH…

I’ve tried to remove the bad blush by applying some drops of my trusty Gundam Marker Eraser, but it totally messed up with her make-up and face paint… :0

In the end I had to sand off the damaged surface to make her smooth again…  ^^;;;;

Done with the eye transplant and sanding… Looks OK I guess… Maybe not too Caster Extra-esque, yet… ^^;

And now to test the head with the wig I got earlier along with the recently acquired kitsune mimi… ^_~

Lookin’ good there Tama-chan! :3c But her hair is too much to work at… =_=

Maybe it will get easier to handle when I trim the hair? I’ve yet to style her hair tho… Need to get Volks Dollfie Hair Oil and VolksDollfie Water Wax before I can finish this phase…

The last one is actually a souvenir given to me by my aunt who’ve visited Egypt for holidays just a while ago… It’s an amulet of the Key of Life, which looks kinda like a Christian cross… ^^; But according to my aunt, she heard from the merchant that it was actually the Christians who’ve “borrowed” the design of this Egyptian artifact and later converted into their own symbol of cross… 0_0

Anyways it seems the amulet comes in pairs, of which the smaller one seems suitable enough to be an amulet for Tama-chan… ^_~ Maybe I’ll convert it for DD use later… :P

Looks like I’m outta funds for the rest of this year… ^^; Will continue Unlimited Installment Works after we enter the year of the Rabbit… XDc


6 responses

  1. Okazaki-san

    Oho~now we need the body and clothes and she’s ready to deploy.

    19th December, 2010 at 21:10

    • It will be a while before I can get a DD Base body…

      I’ll need to starve for at least two moons to be able to do so… ^^;

      19th December, 2010 at 21:18

  2. I didn’t know the head need a bit sanding .__.

    20th December, 2010 at 09:26

    • I meesed up while removing her make-up… So had to sand them peeled paints off…

      20th December, 2010 at 09:32

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