Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

AFAX: A Journey to the South

Based on a true life event, penned by yunamon! ^_~

Chapter: Prologue

November Twelfth, Twenty Ten: Rain

Woke up a little too early shaken with excitement, crawling outta bed to complete the packing of baggage. Heading towards the airstrip as soon as my companions’ driver arrived to fetch me…

It is a rainy day, as droplets of crystal liquids fell from the skies bombarded our cruising vehicle, my companions and I had a slight chat with our driver as we head along the coast way towards our destination.

Had a few traffic hiccups here and there, but we managed to make it some one and a half hours earlier than the given time limit… Ranka-chan looks kinda melancholic, peering outta our vehicle’s window…

It seems a mob of crowd waiting to fly as well, really took a while before it’s finally our turn to enter the gate of no return, as the time limit approaches fast…

On her seat, Ranka-chan stares into the empty parking space as she eagerly awaits the arrival of the bright red bird with 3 times the speed that will carry her thru the skies…

And off we go piercing thru the air! Bye bye for now, my island!

Aboard the bird, the ever busy tentacles starts to crawl around the cabin, curiously examining their new but temporary habitat.

What’s 3 times the speed and red in colour you ask? One of the highly intelligent explorer Tako will give you her wise hypothesis…

Before long, we have a touch down, finally reaching the South island that we’re heading! ^_^ The journey began here!

As soon as we met our little Lord of the Lodge (aka the Prince of the Lodge), who offered to ferry our baggage, we went around town for a little sight ‘n’ seeing…

Met up with a very old friend of ours we nicknamed “Ur Fren” and had him being our guide of the day. Our first stop? The Sentosa island!

Bumped into a very familiar globe along our way when going around the island, but have decided against entering the resort town to accumulate resources for the main event the next day… ^_~

There’s many wonderful interiors that you’ll never ever get to see on my island…

Also found a rather familiar looking brand name in one of the places around the island… 0_0

Merlion, the half-lion-half-fish mascot of the Republic!

After the island trip, all of us barged into Ur Fren’s hut for a mini competition in Wii Sports, unlike the last time when I watched Evangelion 2.0 along with comrades from the Republic during my solo Otaku pilgrimage a full Earth cycle before…

Ended up with sore feet when we finally returned to the lodge late at nite. ^^;

Must muster the strength for the numero Uno reason of this journey the next day… >,<

Note: Further pictorial documentation is available for access via external networking

Chapter: Ignition

November Thirteenth, Twenty Ten: Cloudy

The day has finally come! Had an early start in the morning to join forces with comrades from the Republic to storm the front. Getting there is no easy task as we had to wade thru the urban jungle by boarding a high-speed car on rails…

Seems like Ranka-chan is very worked up as well! XDc

A special note: The couple over the left is my companion guards while the one on the right is comrade joeltng, who incidentally lives just close by near to my current temporary base of operations…

Reaching the site to find the crowd has already throng the place, human-walling the entrance to our goal. After wading thru the seas of meat-bags, the tiny number of us wait patiently for the opening of the gate to heaven…


That’s joeltng’s Nendo Saber Lion BTW, I wonder what she saw back then… ^^;

And the crowd goes wild as soon as the gate creaks open! Wait… Is that a couple of mathematically superior Cirno!? 0_0

It’s a war zone out there, a f**king god d**n war!

Oh look! It’s comrade alyukito and comrade kodomut!

It seems May’n’s shineitai also having a rough time getting beyond the gate… He actually found my Ranka-chan sit in waiting earlier and greeted her! XDc

Having the fleeting feet Perk is no laughing matter, I managed to grab my desired jewels in just as soon as I entered the gate, leaving me with extra sands in the glass to do various sniping works… ^_~

Stumble upon this harem full of lovely daughters to satiate my lust for a good eye candy… =3=

GSC’s booth displays a second prototype of Figma Mirai complete with her own BJD in her own image! Looks like she’ll be up for POs later this moon and will be available in March next Earth cycle…

Too much is going on all the time I was in pursuit of true happiness beyond the gate, but I managed to snipe my targets one by one as I went along the flow of the moving crowds…

Chomp Nom Nom helps out in one of the booths, urging the crowd to buy his wears… But if we do that what will happen to his censored undies, as we may have to take off his “WEAR”? :o

Didn’t spent too much time for the Cosplayers, as I’m berry busy at dropping other designated targets… But I do managed to capture several of them at various time slots as I journey down the day…

A certain Nanonut is very pleased to learn that the nightmare before Christmas last Earth cycle did not return to haunt him… ^_~

There’s a trio of itasha displays on site too! Too bad I learned that the officials will strip the vehicle after this event… >,<

Soon the screening of Culture: Japan and later Gundam 00: Awakening of a Trailblazer movie will starts, so I had to make my way to the other gate to secure some sits for myself and my companions.

In the end I ended up joining the comrades from the Republic at front row seats while my supposed companion guards had managed to lost themselves in the wild wild crowds… Sorry I had to give up you guys… ^^;

Afterthoughts on the movie? It’s a fine one especially the battle scenes (as expected from a long tradition of Gundam history), but the plot kinda went astray introducing an alien invasion, which never happened before in any Gundam series as Gundam has always been a harsh depiction of war between opposing human factions… ^^;

There’s still some time after the movie until the next much-anticipated event, so I return to the hunt…

Walked pass the harem earlier only to find some new faces and Haruka playing with my dolphin! 0_0 BTW, this Haruka, as well as Mirai and BRS belonged to their father, comrade Arayden who’s unavailable at the time, thus they’re in the care of uncle Trooper TK8316

Going back to the other gate to meet Hanazawa Kana, the lovely seiyuu behind many cute voices like Kuroneko (OreImo), Kanade (Angel Beats!), Nadeko (Bakemonogatari) and Amano Touko (Bungaku Shoujo)!

The meet and greet session when she’s answering questions and doing live dubbing of a scene from Angel Beats and Black Rock Shooter doesn’t allow sniping, so there’s no pictorial evidence of my accomplishment… >,<

Some weeks before this event led by comrade saiseki, we actually made a petition to coax the officials to do a Hanazawa Kana signature session, but alas our petition managed only to collect 55 signatures and fell on the official’s deaf ears…

However, during the Q&A session Hanazawa-san did offer to random-pick 5 lucky people (From hundreds of seat numbers) to have her signature! The hall immediately imploded with cheers (More like manly cry LOL) from her avid fans gathered inside the place, comrade saiseki included… ^_~ With sheer luck he is one of the lucky receivers of Hanazawa’s signature! :Dc Everyone in our group of comrades are totally happy for him!

However, there’s a correction needed to be dictated here: =3= The picked seat number is A12, which belongs to comrade zh3us. As zh3us is not really interested he gave up the opportunity to comrade saiseki. In truth, A12 was my seat before I left after the Gundam movie screening, so it should have been me instead! ^^;

But never mind since comrade saiseki really did sacrificed a lot these past couple of days, stalkin-I-mean-staking in wait at the airport for Hanazawa-san’s arrival overnite and doing the petition in the first place, as well as doing fan arts as a gift to her. Too bad the officials forbid further contact with her that saiseki didn’t manage to give her his gift…

BTW, I’m also a huge fan of Hanazawa-san so I’m pretty disappointed I’m not picked… ^^;

After the meet and greet, I managed to hunt some more cosplayers during the rest of the day. This is one particularly cute Klan Klan I’ve ever seen! <3

Can I take her home? XDc

And thus end of day 01, my total HP level almost depleted as my mind, soul and body ached from the exhaustion…

What event comes with no acquisitions? ^_~

This is what I managed to grab: Horo T-Shirt, Horo Strap and Nendo Amano Tooko… :3c

Oh wells must drop dead onto my futon for the next day… Zzzz…

Chapter: Climax

November fourteenth, Twenty Ten: Rain

Woke up a little too late for day 02 as I’m dead tired last nite, but still managed to arrive at the site in time for the opening of the gate.

Just like the day before, crowds already gather in wait at the gate, but it is much more organised this time. Looks like the officials finally learned from their mistake of crowd controlling and decided to line up the attendees…

Today I came alone as my companions decided to wander into the streets of the Republic, so I’m joining the other comrades for the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi movie which will be screening as soon as the gate opens… Yet none of the comrades came yet… ^^;

Another queue after the queue!? Looks like everyone’s been waiting to see this masterpiece!

After half an hour, we’re finally in!

Less huntings today as I’ve already covered the area beyond the gate, stalking cosplayers is pretty hard with all those Cannon wallers going in and out, blocking my scope… ^^;

Movie verdict: Best one ever! Love how they mix comedy into seriousness, and many random but not visible clichés (verbally and visually) that you’ll only notice if you’ve watched the anime series. Kyon’s sarcastic monologue is as always the icing on the already delicious cake… ^_~

The movie took longer time than expected, and it’s already ohirugohan jikan when it finished. Joining other comrades for a lunch since I’ve decided against staying for the Regional Cosplay Competition which start right after the movie…

Comrade kodomut can’t seem to let go of comrade zh3us’s recently adopted daughter, driving his fingers all across her curvy figure… ^^; See his grinning face? XDc

It looks like comrade zh3us acquired his daughter for a killer discount, eventho she is technically, umm… “used”…

Comrade zh3us also brought his other Nanoha daughter… So I had her and Ranka-chan doing an intimate interaction… :P

Hunting for more Cosplayers after lunch… Finally met comrade Rinya after the failure to spot her the day before.

Comrade Rinya cosplays as the songstress Yuna together with her friend songstress Lenne, both from Final Fantasy X-2.

Too bad she can’t join me for dinner or else this statement (yunamon having din din with Yuna) = positive… :P

More cosplayers! Especially delighted to meet this loli Haruhi with adult Konaruhi! XDc

Kanade from Angel Beats!~!! /New Type sense tingling


There are literally hundreds of cosplayer running around, and thousands of more Cannon wallers gathering around each of them. The fact explains the lack of piccies taken when compared to the previous day, and I cannot cover all cosplayers that shows up…

Even one of my accompanying comrades complain of his inability to find the particular two that he’d seen (Mato and Yomi from BRS, I caught a glimpse of them passing by as well, very nice indeed but failed to snipe them… :o) but passed off the second time… ^^;

Anyways you can catch more of the cosplayer at this network

Late evening, all of us are pretty much worn off, as we escaped from the crowd to a much quiet place just across the main cosplayers gathering area… Since comrade zh3us left for his Anisong concert, the rest of us clawed into the flesh of his daughter, with comrade kodomut taking the lead… >:Dc This sounds so wrong in a sense… ^^;

No long after that, my companion guards came to fetch me, so I bid farewell to the rest of the comrades and take my leave.

Matta rainen!

Another acquisition today! ^^; Revoltech Alice! Been meaning to get her for a while but sitting on a fence until now due to my past bad experience with Revoljoint… Finally caved in during the climax of the event… ^^;

Anyways too tired to stay up much longer after all the damage we took these trio of days, so we head to slumber almost immediately after reaching our lodge… ^^; Departing the next day!

Chapter: Epilogue

November Fifteenth, Twenty Ten: Rain

Our flight back to my island is on the noon, but we have to get to the airstrip earlier to avoid missing the ride. Altho still hurt from the extensive hull damages we took these few days, we managed to get up to working health from last nite’s early retirement…

Looks like there are still some time when we reached the airstrip, so we decided to roam the place after checking in…

Pass the gate of no return is a paradise much like a shopping mall, full of shopping opportunities and food haven, unlike the one on my little island… ^^;

There are many nice decorations littered around the place, shutter chance!

The last walk… 0_0 Nope, this is the last automated moving floor that takes me and my companions to the waiting area for our ride…

Ranka-chan being a nice girl waiting in patient for our flight…

Looks like she spotted something nice and green…

And had some fun with it…

We actually barely made it into the red bird as we fooled around the waiting area before I realised how late we are… ^^; Anyways we’re leaving the island of the fish-lion…

Bye, bye, Singapore! See you next year! /Whoosshh!

Tadaima~! My island, my den! :Dc More piccies during the flight via the network… :P

It was fun ’til it lasts… ^_^

A pretty satisfying trip to AFAX. Really looking forward for another in the coming year!

Pity tho no gain comes with no sacrifice… Caught myself with an Yin Yang shaped blister on one of my toes… Ouch! ^^;

Here lies all archived visuals: Pre AFAX, Day 01, Day 02, Post AFAX


16 responses

  1. TK

    Wow, you visited Universal Studio. If only I had the time. Me and my comrades were tryna find the right bus and stuck in Plaza Singapura on Day 0.

    15th November, 2010 at 22:48

    • We’re using MRT the whole time, alighting at Harbour Front then went to Sentosa from there…

      15th November, 2010 at 23:13

      • TK

        I used the MRT too, very convenient. Just that my temporary lodge is all the way at Buangkok. Had to take a bus to a station or it will be a ridiculously long walk.

        I sniped a lot of pictures from cosplayers though sadly my photography skills failed miserably.

        16th November, 2010 at 13:06

        • Sniping require experience, you’ll rack up more XP by constanly sniping…

          Be patient my young Sith Padawan! :P

          18th November, 2010 at 16:56

  2. Okazaki-san

    didn’t get to see you in the end during AFAX,but there’s always next year.Did want to get Alice as well,but had no more space.^^;I must agree with you,because the exhibition hall space was smaller this year,it was like fighting a war just to move from one booth to the other,no wonder we got overtaken by fatigue soon after reaching base.

    16th November, 2010 at 10:06

    • I don’t think it’s the space smaller, it’s the crowds bigger… ^^;

      16th November, 2010 at 15:22

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  4. I was also interested in the Autograph!! Just tat, my Nihongo sensei is a bigger, badder fan ^^;

    Gotta repay him for teaching me Nihongo!!

    14th January, 2011 at 19:34

    • Well, you can visit Seki-chan’s house every now and then to ogle at the autograph! Xdc

      14th January, 2011 at 19:38

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  9. kosho

    awesome ^^ sorry, just wondering, how much did your revoltech alice cost? I really want to buy one but the cheapest i can find is $170 US :c im happy to pay that, but im broke right now X’D id rather pay $100 tehe.. Thanks!

    17th April, 2012 at 14:16

    • If my memory serves me well, I got her for about SGD 50…

      17th April, 2012 at 17:23

      • kosho

        oh wow thats a great price! ^^ guess i should keep looking

        17th April, 2012 at 18:25

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