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Touched by an Angel

Arriving at the same time as the Ita-skin yesternite is a rather heavy danbooru from the Land of the Rising Anime…

Actually I went to fetch it from the Detention Centre due to their inability to properly deliver the said package the day before, eventho there’s someone at my den to receive it in my stead! Stupid Postal Dude… >,<

Unloading the acquisition reveals a (Should I say couple?) rather huge paperback! This surprises me as I’ve always thought Dengeki G’s Festival! Comic is a regular Animangazine similar to those like Nyan Type or Hobby Japan, not this… this phone directory…!!

Just look at its thickness… Not even a couple of Tako Luka can reach its top! XDc The weight is no laughing matter as well, did I mentioned that I rarely order anime magazines due to their hefty shipping price due to the weight? ^_~

Scrolling thru the contents show that Festival! Comic is in fact an oversized manga compilation just like those manga weekly sold at my local stores!

Do note that there are some NSFW ero manga at some of the pages too, especially at the end of the paperback… =3=

Here’s a comparison with a standard sized local manga in my possession… 0_0

The oversized manga compilation aside, the main purpose of this acquisition is none other than the furoku!

The Tachibana Kanade/Tenshi dakimakura cover! And it’s a full size daki to boot! Really can’t believe it’s just a furoku! :3c

Look closely… It’s the same material used on those commercial daki which could cost as much as 10,000+ yen! That’s at least 4 times the cost of this animangazine!

Anyways I plan to had her MISP (Mint in Sealed Package) travel along to AFAX where we’ll meet Hanazawa Kana (The seiyuu of Tenshi!) in person!

Let’s see if I along with comrade Saiseki managed to get her sign on our daki! XDc


4 responses

  1. Too bad there is no greet and meet session cum autograph session. If not, I will rush there and ask her to sign on my nendo Amano Touko. :D

    5th November, 2010 at 18:33

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