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Ita-skin Aria

After the disaster that is ITAttoo,  I’ve acquired a new Ita-skin by MyTego for Aria.

Another long, painful wait ensued tho as the Postal Dude took his sweet time to deliver the necessary tools, totaling up to a moon and a half in travelling time! 0_0

Anyways, finally got the envelope containing the Ita-skin last nite, time to commence the surgery onto my Aria! XDc

And nope, no om nom nom for you, Tako Luka tan!

The contents of the said envelope! The printed Ita-skin, an instruction sheet and a small packet of anti-something-thingie that keeps the innards of the envelope dry…

Now, off you go the old ITAttoo from Aria!

Easily removed as there are many peeled off surface ever since the ITAttoo process a couple of moons ago… ^^;

Following the instruction sheet, first I need to detach all the extra parts from the Ita-skin itself… Helpful Tako Luka tachi is helpful, but don’t try to eat my pretty kemonomimi there, eh? =3=

After some cleaning, it’s time to peel off the Ita-skin from its resting place by using an included peeling aid… That said it’s just another piece of included semi-adhesive sticker that will hold the Ita-skin without you having to accidentally lay your fingers onto its sticky surface…

Peeling off the Ita-skin reveals the texture on its adhesive side… Totally different from the ITAttoo I’ve just removed earlier!!! 0_0

Since this is a DIY kit, I had to be very careful when placing the Ita-skin onto my Aria… Utmost care had to be taken, since Tako Luka will be there to mess it all up… Why are you drooling over my acquisition? >,<

Pressure applied at sides and… Done! The lovely Tamamo no Mae is now a part of my ItaPhone! :Dc Just look at the printing quality, a stark contrast to the blurry ITAttoo!

Overall, I highly recommend MyTego as your Ita-skin printer, but do note that their processing and response time are very, very slow. Besides ITaPhone, they also do Ita-skin for many other items like PSP, X-Box 360, Notebook, etc!


5 responses

  1. Hmm, very nice. I always like it when people customize their phones, and especially when it expresses that person’s interests :) (Currently using an Angel Beats iPhone4 cover, by lack of better released ones yet, it’s very cute though, but I remember being a bit hesitant at first when I had to use my phone in public, and then I just thought: ‘Heck, screw it!’)

    Once you remove the ita-skin though, is it easy to re-use again? If so I might order something of my own as well :)

    (Reason that I clicked this post is partly because I’m planning on writing a piece on how to make your phone 100% ‘otaku’ approved, of course you should take it with a grain of salt ;), but would you mind if I used some of the shots from above as examples and then to link/credit them to you? :) )

    5th November, 2010 at 07:40

    • Unfortunately tho, it’s a one way trip… Once you remove it the adhesive side won’t be strong enough for a 2nd serving… At least that’s what MyTego told me…

      And of course you can use and link to my piccies without reservation! They are all rights (un)reserved! XDc

      5th November, 2010 at 07:47

  2. How many tako luka do you keep at home ? XD

    Looks like they don’t have the model I used in their list of device :P

    5th November, 2010 at 12:18

    • 4 for now: a Nenpuchi Tako Luka from Nendo Luka and a trio of Tako Luka keychain charms…

      You can try to request your model at MyTego by contacting them! ^_~

      5th November, 2010 at 13:16

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