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An Early Xmas Giveaway

An early Christmas gift (Or two) to all of you! :Dc

This gift is of course on a first-come-first-serve basis, so whoever got it first it’s theirs… No questions, no lucky draws! XDc

I got these coupons for discounts on one of my affiliates Play-Asia a couple of days ago, but since I rarely (More like never; Besides, I got my funds full with the current Project: Tamamo…) order from them, I’ve decided to give them away to my comrades who’s interested!



From the expert plushie maker of Aoshima comes a trio of lovely Chara-Mofu huggies from the ever popular To Aru Majutsu no Index II anime series!

1st in the line is Misaka Imouto, the half-sleepy-eyed shimapan clones of Biribiri! XDc


Planting a Tail

Ever since I adopted Horo-chan many moons ago, her shippo’s really bothers me to this day…

The fact that the design of her tail is to attach to her rear via wearing an ugly piece of pantsu… ^^;


Unlimited Instalment Works

I am the Knightess of my Pink Republic
Animanga is my passion, figure is my raison d’être

For the past few days, I’ve been having engaging discussions with many Tweeps about my possible adoption of a DD daughter myself…

After all these moons fo temptations and seductions from various parents like the apprentice ninja, the Big Bad Wolf and the ever kawaii koinu, the gathering of Daughters finally tipped the scale in my soul.


Mecha Love… Psycho Frame

Made this 4koma while recovering from the Red-Eye incident… ^_~


2 Days Later…

A couple of days ago, out from nowhere some sort of red-eye disease infected my right eye, generating sticky teary residue that clogged up my vision… My eye began to swell too…

I was still at work that day…

Immediately headed to the hospital the same nite, diagnosis reveals a severe case of bacterial conjunctivitis, of which the doctor advised me to stay put for 3 days as it is contagious…



After the disappointment of failure to get Hanazawa Kana’s lovely signature, I’d returned to my den with this Kanade Dakimakura untouched.

I guess it’s time to unleash her shiroi tsubasa… ^_~


Role Play of Costumes at AFAX

Cosplay (Costume role-Play) is a by-product of the world of OtaCoolTure, with cosplaying becoming a major part of any animanga related events.

Being one of the largest animanga based event in the region, of course Cosplayers from local and overseas flocked to the site for a gather of chara impersonation, helping in spicing up AFAX itself!


Daughters of AFAX

Volk’s DD (Dollfie Dream) is a wonder in the world of OtaCoolTure…

Ever since Trooper Danny’s first daughter (Saber-chan), the rise of the musume is felt throughout comrades around the world, with those capable of adoption acquiring their own lovely 1/3s…

During my trip to Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) just a few days ago, KKnM (A popular and quite prestigious hobby store in Singapore) generously provides a part of their display space on loan to the visiting daughters, forming a certain gathering of pretty girls or sort, much to delight of curious-eyed passers-by… XDc


AFAX: A Journey to the South

Based on a true life event, penned by yunamon! ^_~



All’s well, everything’s checked, prepare for the trip ahead!

Horo not included… =^,^=

Calm Before the Storm

Passport, check! Flight tickets, check! Rations, check! Baggage… Ummm… I better pack them later… ^^;

The time has come for me to prepare myself for the trip abroad towards the grandest event of the year, AFAX! ^_~

It’s great to have a relative living in Singapore. Besides the obvious flight tickets and other expenses during the visit, I won’t have to worry about my secondary hideout for the time being, saving some credits on the rental of hotels and such.

However, as a tradition a tribute has to be made to please the Lord of the Lodge… ^^; Being a sweet tooth for a certain delicacy on my island (He was a tribesman on my island after all), he demanded sacrifice to appease his appetite… >,<


Return of a Diva

T-minus 2 days until AFAX, comes a totally unexpected announcement to the already awesome Anisong concert schedule!

Looks like the organisers finally decided to (re)include our beloved virtual idol – Hatsune Miku – to the mix of performers of the concert! More info hat the official AFAX site

Miku-chan will perform together with legends like JAM Project and Aniki on the 13th…:3c

Too bad we can no longer have free-of-charge standing access to the concert this year, as they now requires you to get tickets for even the standing area… But oh well… Have fun those who got the concert tickets! =^0^=

In the meantime, are you ready guys!? /Cues Jap from Sengoku Basara

Staging the Events!

And the events schedule for both days of AFAX is now available for viewing! Comrades, better plan your route ahead!

Note that to be eligible for the stage events you’ll need to get the SGD 15 tickets that include entry pass to the stage area… The regular tickets only allow you to visit the booths… >,<

Looks like it’s going to be a busy days for me…


AFAX is Drawing Nearer…

With T-minus 3 days left until AFAX, here comes more announcements from the officials!

Nitro+ (Made famous due to their popular Super Soniko chara) has various prints, tapestries and vocal CDs on sale in the event!


Countdown to AFAX

With T-minus 5 days left, various official participants of AFAX finally revealed their exclusives that will be available during the event itself! Do note that you can view the larger piccies by clicking on the images…



The moe comedy of this season, Shinryaku! Ika Musume has done itself a service with the latest episode introducing a palm-top sized Mini Ika Musume has caught comrades world-wide off guard, with many had their heart stolen by her pet-like chibi kewt-ness… XDc

Presented in short three-parter for each episodes, the Mini Ika Musume appeared during the last arc of the latest episode (Episode 05)…


Mecha Love… PlayGun

More Mecha Love…, the alternate to the ever running 4koma of Sisterly Love… series, finally gets another entry! ^_^


Touched by an Angel

Arriving at the same time as the Ita-skin yesternite is a rather heavy danbooru from the Land of the Rising Anime…

Actually I went to fetch it from the Detention Centre due to their inability to properly deliver the said package the day before, eventho there’s someone at my den to receive it in my stead! Stupid Postal Dude… >,<

Unloading the acquisition reveals a (Should I say couple?) rather huge paperback! This surprises me as I’ve always thought Dengeki G’s Festival! Comic is a regular Animangazine similar to those like Nyan Type or Hobby Japan, not this… this phone directory…!!


Ita-skin Aria

After the disaster that is ITAttoo,  I’ve acquired a new Ita-skin by MyTego for Aria.

Another long, painful wait ensued tho as the Postal Dude took his sweet time to deliver the necessary tools, totaling up to a moon and a half in travelling time! 0_0

Anyways, finally got the envelope containing the Ita-skin last nite, time to commence the surgery onto my Aria! XDc

And nope, no om nom nom for you, Tako Luka tan!