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Super Dimensional Musical

After more than a year of patience, I’ve finally got myself a glimpse at the movie version of the mecha musical that is Macross Frontier… ^_^

Released last year in the theatres in Japan, international comrades never got a chance to view the epic motion picture, Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ (The False Songstress)…

However, the DVD and BR releases finally came sometime this moon, propelling many enthusiastic mecha fans in ecstasy… ^.^

Do note that anything from this point onwards will be honey-coated with finger-linckin’-good tasty spoilers from the 2-hour-long movie itself… If you fear your stomach might not be able to digest them all please stay away from the cake… ^_~ Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :P

BTW, you can view the larger version of the piccies (1920 x 1080) by right-clicking on the desired piccie and view it on another tab… Keep in mind this entry will be very very piccie-heavy…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Humanity almost met their utter extinction upon contact with a gigantic war-mongering humanoid alien race called the Zentradi. In an effort to keep the last of their numbers, Humanity launched an exodus in the form of Super Dimensional Battle Fortress – Macross… With the help of a single songstress, Humanity finally put a halt to Zentran advances, bringing peace between the two colliding cultures…

That’s the prologue on the history of the Macross Saga, for those unfamiliar or new to the franchise… ^_^

Alto sure loves his origami plane… XDc And the nikuman oppai joke is still here LOL!

Anyways, the movie is pretty much a summary of the first half of the Macross Frontier TV series, albeit with lotsa changes here and there as well as almost 85% – 95% of all new never-before-seen footage!

The start of the movie skips pretty much all the lengthy introductions of the main casts, instead the trio of protagonists (Alto, Sheryl, Ranka) are shown already acquainted with one another beforehand… It will get bloody confusing for those who have not watch the TV series prior to this movie… Therefore a view of the TV series version of Macross Frontier is still recommended… =_=

The movie starts with a bang, literally! It starts off with one of the only couple of major concert  in the movie…

Paying homage to the classic Macross saga, the concert prologue specifically mentioned all the significant Songstress (And a band LOL) from the past: the Deculture begins in 2009 giving us Lynn Minmay; 2040 Shalon Apple; 2045 Fire Bomber; Now introducing the Galaxy Fairy~~~ Sheryl Nome!

Unlike the TV series, the movie redo the concert with all new sequences and several new songs. Here we can see Sheryl dressed up as the White Rabbit (Left) as well as the Black Hare (Right).

Next up Sheryl insta-change into her cowgirl dress complete with pew pew pink revolver! XDc I never like Sheryl in the original TV series but somehow her cuteness in this movie moved me by a margin… ^^; No worries tho, Ranka is still my soul, my beat! XDc

Soon tho, outta no where the concert was cut short by the invading Vajra scout army. Somewhat like the TV series, Alto managed to grab Sheryl outta harm’s way, then boarded the cockpit of an unmanned Valkyrie VF-25 (The original pilot just had a bad “hug”…) and had his first blood lust for the time being to protect a stunned Ranka…

This is perhaps what made Macross Frontier incredible: The smooth CG battle between Valks and Vajra… All battle sequences were well rendered and finely choreographed to perfection, fully done in fast paced action and enthusiastic. I absolutely adore the way Ozma waltz thru the Vajra’s line of fire alternating from Fighter to Gerwalk to Battroid and back to use the tactical advantages of each form…

Before long, the S.M.S. team managed to suppress the invaders, and everyone goes their separate ways: Sheryl found out she’d lost one of her earings (A memento from her past) during her fanservice bath scene; Alto went and join the S.M.S. after finding out Ranka’s memory issue from her injured guardian cum S.M.S. squad leader Ozma Lee; Ranka, still reeling with aftershock of the attack, wanders aimlessly in confusion after being dispatched by the medical centre…

Feeling down, Ranka pay a visit to a local park to ease her mind but stumbled upon Alto. Encouraged by her crush, Ranka decided to try to  fight for her dream and began to sing “Aimo”.

Overheard by Sheryl who’s nearby, Ranka was surprised at Sheryl’s sudden appearance and her knowing the lyrics to the song.

Their three-some meeting was cut short tho by a prompt call from Sheryl’s nagging manager, being a pop idol and all… ^^;

Time elapse by, Ranka joined the Miss Macross contest to take the first step towards fulfilling her dream, which later found out by Ozma. Being over protective and all, of course Ozma gets mad at her, which causes Ranka throwing a tantrum and ran away from home…

Elsewhere, Sheryl dragged Alto to a date around Frontier’s streets, in the pretense that she needed him to help her finding her lost property.

The scenes alternate between the date and Ranka’s AWOL act, of which Michael joins the fray after discovering her…

Back to the couple, soon their date’s destination changes to a separate island full of grassy fields.

What date doesn’t include some awkward moments? XDc Alto gets a face for a particular positioning with Sheryl… ^^;

Cutting back to Ranka’s escapade, she along with accompanying Michael reached a Zentradi mall where she staged a solo performance to the public (After a dare by Michael…), captivating the hearts and minds of the mall visitors…

Incidentally, the Alto-Sheryl pair was nearby to overhear the angelic voice that is Ranka’s…

End of day, Alto failed Sheryl’s earing request, but still he was awarded with a peck to the cheek for the wonderful date…

While not too often, I really like Sheryl’s dere dere expressions from time to time… My fascination towards her grows… 0_0

Nearby, Ranka saw the pecking event and was utterly surprised at Sheryl’s bold move on her crush.

However, her surprise was interrupted by an approaching talent searcher expressing his interest in making Ranka an idol. Seems like Ranka’s earlier performance caught his attention.

This is where the fun part begins… XDc While not explicitly covered in the TV series, we see Ranka fighting to start her amateurish career in-depth here in the form of various CM shorts…

First off is the Starlight Nattou promotion… LOL a glow in the dark sticky nattou… Scary… ^^;

Next we have Ranka doing a promo video for the hardworking construction gentlemen, clad only in swim suit… ^^; I LOL’d so hard at the kanji on her chest: Still Under Development…

Not quite in my opinion, she’s just perfect for me… ^_~

Wait… isn’t that Valk Prophecy, the two-seater VF-25?? What’s up with the rods? Oh… It’s a model kit produced by Dainamu, the Bandai in half a century’s time! :3c

Ranka goes Akiba of the future! Dress as a Valkyrie Musume, Ranka helps promoting the versatile Chougoukin Plamo to the comrades all over Frontier! ‘o’

And her Valkyrie costume can transform into Gerwalk mode too! Henkei! Seems like the attentions she’s getting from this are overwhelming… XDc

While not shown the CM, we can catch a glimpse of Ranka practicing her Nyan Nyan dance… ^o^

Elsewhere, Alto is hard at training to become a full fledge Skull Squadron member… It seems he had a tough time at those outta his league training menu…

And a fanservice for our lady comrades! W00t! I can feel a disturbance in the Force when this scene kicks in… XDc

Back to Ranka, one more CM to go and that is another costuming promo for a tuition centre… ^^;

With all those busy schedules and all for both Ranka and Alto respectively, they didn’t get to meet one another much. So Ranka took the initiative and come to Alto (As Alto guessed, it’s probably Michael telling Ranka of their exact time when they’ll be off from their job…), signaling him to follow her…

Ranka took Alto to a mini market in the vicinity, and later surprising him with the broadcast of her 1st ever CM début at their destination…

Life goes on, conspiracy theories are going outta proportion as Ozma told Alto to stay away from Sheryl as the Frontier side of the government suspects her a spy for Galaxy…

This is due to the timely not-so-coincidence attack of the Vajra during her 1st concert, as well as evidence that the Vajra are nothing more than a bio weapon controlled via a tiny brain that reacts to signals from afar. Since Galaxy is known for their cyborg and nano technology, the suspicion is far from being false…

Alto took it to the heart, but hardly able digesting the accusation as he’s quite fond of Sheryl. He went to Michael for consultation but instead ending up sharing a yaoi moment with the latter… ^o^

Elsewhere, Ranka picked up a strayed Ai-kun in front of her home and decided to adopt it…

Due to the interruption during her earlier concert, Sheryl decided to hold another one before her departure back to Galaxy. On the concert’s eve, Sheryl called Alto asking him to meet her at the park. Incidentally, Alto found Sheryl’s lost earing just a moment before her call, could this be fate?

While waiting for Alto, Sheryl stumbled upon Ranka. Soon both starts singing “Aimo”, a song familiar to both of them, memory of their past… However, Ranka’s singing caused Ai-kun to run away from her, prompting her and Sheryl to run in search of the cutesy critter…

Talk about great timing, Alto arrives on the scene, mistaking Sheryl assaulting Ranka, and quickly pushes her outta Ranka’s way whilst confronting her on the spy issue.

While surprised, Ranka’s quick to explain the situation. However, the damage is done, hurting Sheryl’s fragile heart as she returns to her residence.

Whoa! A scene of Grace going commando! >///< Had to censor her chikubi tho… :P

Anyways, Grace’s having some conversations thru her cybernetic implant while in shower, holding a conference with some unknown people ala Evangelion’s Seele meeting… ^^;

Back to his bunk, Alto greatly regrets his doubt over Sheryl’s case. Remembering her words about her earing being a memento that could link hearts, he put it on himself, striking an outta this world experience with overflowing feeling from Sheryl.

And no, this is not Tieria Erde (Gundam 00) you’re lookin’ at!

Realising his mistake, Alto decided to apologise to Sheryl, heading straight to the site of the concert…

It appears he’s been followed by Ozma, confronting Grace in suspicion of her as the spy instead of Sheryl. However, Grace countered with a statement from just some time ago about Galaxy being invaded by Vajra army, and Frontier doing nothing about it. Dirty politics, a norm in mecha anime series… XDc

It seems Grace’s claim is true, as discovered by Ozma thru top-secret military connections. As the military will not do anything over Galaxy’s peril, Sheryl commissioned the S.M.S. for the search and rescue job. Being a P.M.C. (Private Military Company aka Soldier of Fortune/Mercenaries) and all, of course Ozma accepted the mission…

A Macross Saga cannot complete with an old GAR kanchou! XDc Soon the S.M.S., aboard Macross Quarter, dispatched towards Galaxy space to save the fleeing Galaxy refugees…

Alto also gets a special Tornado pack for his Valk, a movie only original!

And Sheryl’s last Revenge concert starts, with her songs and S.M.S. battles intertwining to form a grand musical experience, true to Macross Saga’s unique perception on mecha war and battles…

Many of the refugee ships managed to slip thru, but…

The pursuing Vajra capital ship managed to vaporise a trio of them! T^T

Back to the concert, Sheryl dedicated her last song of the concert “Diamond Crevasse” to the fighting S.M.S., especially Alto, her beloved… I really love her look here, seems almost Lacus-chan… >o<

Realising Sheryl’s true intent, Ranka joins in together to sing for her loved ones, however the event caused a disturbance in the Force—I-mean-Fold…

The Vajra army sensed Ranka’s voice, giving up the pursuit of Galaxy ships and heading directly towards Frontier to get to her… Soon Frontier is under siege, causing hundreds of casualties around the colony.

With all the chaotic destructions, Ranka finally remembers her past, of which her singing once caused the tragedy in Gallia 4…

Loli Ranka FTW! <3

Realising the true intention of Vajra, Ranka decides to let herself becoming the bait, allowing a blue Vajra to capture her.

In the nick of time, the S.M.S. managed to return to Frontier space, with Alto hot in pursuit of the kidnapper…

Touched by Ranka’s bravery, Sheryl stand up to the fight and do what she do best – singing to encourage the terrified people of Frontier as well as increasing the moral of the defenders…

And here comes the finale, the epicness that is Macross Frontier!

Soon, Alto managed to scoop Ranka out from her captivity, and returns her to the stage where Sheryl is…

Joining Sheryl, Ranka starts her duet, bringing the mecha musical to its climax… ^o^

Up above the colony, Macross Quarter deals a fatal blow to the Vajra capital ship…

…enabling Macross Frontier to deliver the last pew pew onto the crushed ship, finally eliminating the Vajra threat…

The aftermath of a war with the three main protagonists: A Valkyrie pilot, the Galaxy Fairy and the rising star Super Dimensional Cinderella…

And it ends with a gaze to the vast vacuüm of space and beyond… ^^;

Wait… That’s it!? Not so…

A preview of the second movie, which will due next year!

Titled Macross Frontier ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~ (Wings of Farewell), Ranka finally début as a songstress!

And a Ghost in the Shell!? 0_0

More flirting between Alto hime and the Galaxy Fairy… :P

And we’ll get to see more mecha clashes!

And… Sheryl x Ranka in wedding gown!? So will we finally get a satisfying epilogue instead of the open-end last episode of the TV series? So will Alto choose one of them or will he gets a harem? XDc

In conclusion, this movie is epic! Altho I do hear some comrades giving it a mediocre score, I find it very exciting and incredible, at least as compared to the other movies that’s pretty much a huge director’s cut of the TV series (Tsk! Tsk! Gundam SEED… Tsk! Tsk! Fate TV Reproduction…) with little to none new footage…

A must watch for any mecha fan, especially Macross Saga fans! Don’t miss this epicness!

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6 responses

  1. lol. Ranka looks yandere at the glow-in-the-dark nattou scene. “eat it or be eaten” lol

    btw, is the full story of the anime being retold and compressed in this movie or only half is in this movie?

    Sheryl is gorgeous here. <3

    21st October, 2010 at 00:05

    • “Anyways, the movie is pretty much a summary of the first half of the Macross Frontier TV series, albeit with lotsa changes here and there as well as almost 85% – 95% of all new never seen footage!”

      This.. ^_^

      21st October, 2010 at 06:09

      • oopsie. :P Too engrossed in all the pics. lol

        Anyway, still waiting for subs. sigh……

        21st October, 2010 at 07:41

  2. Actually, Alto-hime found the earring first then Sheryl gives him a call but didn’t want to answer it (thinking she’s a spy) so the answering machine answers it and she screams into it saying they meet up. x’3
    No, it’s not fate! ; A;

    RankaAlto. Forget Sheryl. (shipping BreraSheryl after watching this movie xD)

    28th January, 2011 at 14:20

    • ORLY!? 0_o Will have to rewatch this epic again during the coming holidays… >:3c

      28th January, 2011 at 14:25

    • Had a quick review at that particular scene just now… You are rite! Alto found Sheryl’s earing just a moment before her call!

      Mistake corrected… Must have been sniffing glue when I wrote this article… ^^;

      28th January, 2011 at 21:43

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