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The Tentacles Strike Back!

Lookie what do we have here? XDc

From Mikatan‘s, bigger and much more fluffy, the creepykawaii crawlers are back for more moe terrorism!

The Tako 3-Shimai now gets a nuigurumi treatment by the plushie expert Gift! >o<

Best protect your (figure) girls and daughters as the tentacles are not just there for show! Incoming tentacle raep!!! XDc

Just like their key chain counterparts, the Tako Luka plushies come in 3 finger lickin’ good flavours…

First in line is the smiley version… ‘o’

The kyaa~! version… >o<

As well as the ever hungry drooling version… ^o^

Aren’t they just adorable? ^_~

Underneath the Tako Luka’s belly lies her virgin hole—… Nandeyanen!? 0_0

Nah! The hole is used to string all three of them together hanging… ^^;

The ever vigilant Tako will scatter all over the place! Watch them crawl everywhere including walls! @_@

Actually their legs-I-mean-tentacles are fitted with magnets that lets you cling them onto any metal surface… XDc

They can tentacle-grabs each other too! orz

Lookin’ almighty kawaii together with Gift Luka and Miku… <3

Tako totem pole is a must! ROFLOL!

Looks like Guma Alien finally finds a tentacle-in-common! XDc

Preorder coming soon by next week at best… X:3c

I may wanna grab one for myself (The Kyaa~! one)… :P


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