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Of Light and Darkness

Fresh from the 50th All japan Plamodel Hobby Show is a range of announcement of exciting future release Gunpla and various Plamo!

Stealing my attention is the announcement of future installments of Digimon Reboots Plamo…

Eventho the 1st one, Omegamon hasn’t been released (But close enough!) yet, Dukemon makes its début in prototype form, as well as artworks of Angemon and Devimon!

So this is what they’ll look like if those Digimons pilot a Gundam type MS… XDc Ebil Bandai! You’re milking me dry!!!

Next up is the biggest Gunpla news of this year – Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam from Gundam SEED Destiny!

It seems the inner frame won’t be in plated golden bling-bling-ness, only the exposed parts similar to its MG counterpart…

A range of motions and articulations is shown on its Super D.R.A.G.O.O.N. and leg unit…

Not really my cup of tea-I-mean-coffee (I’m more of a coffee person… ^_~) tho, so I’m gonna pass on this just like PG 00-Raiser last year… Besides it’s too gundamn expensive!!! ^^;

Next stop is the MG 00 Quanta… Shown here in its Quantum Burst Mode as seen from the movie… ^_^

Well, this is to be expected since almost all MG kits are already gifted with armour purging ability… ^0^

MG 00Q has a light-up gimmick similar to that of the MG Exia Ignition Mode, but the light unit is sold separately just like GN-X’s…

Speaking of GN-X, a variation will be released in the form of GN-XIV… ^^;

The ever popular Wing Gundam series will see more MG kits releases: MG Shenlong Endless Waltz Ver., MG Heavy Arms Endless Waltz Ver., MG Sandrock Endless Waltz Ver. and MG Deathscythe Hell Custom Endless Waltz Ver…

The displayed kits are actually their old 1/100 counterparts as the prototypes haven’t been revealed as of to date…

Now onto the shorter 1/144 High Grades… The G Gundam HGFC series sees more releases: the most notable is this fem-Gundam Nobell!

The rest are: Rose, Shining, Maxter and God Hyper Mode…

Altho still wishing for an MG, I might get this girl just for the sake of it… ^,^

An unexpected entry… the game-original Extreme Gundam from the upcoming Gundam vs Gundam Extreme game debuts as a Gunpla…

Not sure why it is labeled as a HGUC tho since it doesn’t associate with any of the Universal Century era stories (Being a game only creation and all)… ^^;

Of course there are more Plamo kits littered around the Hobby Show, please visit the following link to various buroggu and news sites with latest update on the event! ^3^

All piccies courtesy of the links provided by SRW News!


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