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Happy Moe Day!!! ^o^

For the uninitiated, the kanji 萌 is consists of 4 character components that when you read it in the traditional sequence (Up, Down, Right, Left…) you’ll get 十月十日 which essentially means 10th of October!

Incidentally, Moe Day this year is 10.10.10, the triple ten! So you can say today’s the Binary Code Day too as the world of digits is made from 1s and 0s! >o<

I’ll be spending my Moe Day lazing around hunting zombies or anime marathons… ^^; May you have an enjoyable day full of Moe Moe Kyun~! ^w^

On side notes: Finally got my package of Figma Aya and Nenpuchi Bakemonogatari #3! Sweet! Also procured a 3rd party battery pack for my Chibi Lacus in preparation for next month’s AFAX! ^_~ Furthermore, got myself a printed transparent sticker full of anime charas from classics until the latest and stuck it on the display glass of my cabinet! >o<


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  1. Actually the three strokes at top is counted as one radical and not two (two 十 side by side), usually in kanji related to plants.

    10th October, 2010 at 22:36

    • It’s true but, you won’t get 十月十日 that way! XDc

      That’s the fun in kanji! You can create other meanings by seperating each individual components!

      That’s how kanji uranai (占い) works too! XDc

      11th October, 2010 at 05:39

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