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A joint production between Marvel giant and Mad House, IronMan the anime started its run just several days ago…

Yeah, I would like to see what's inside too! *Prepares operating table*

As evident from a short footage showing IronMan Mk I’s design in its OP scenes, this Japanese animated series based its designs from the ever successful IronMan the 1st movie…

It would appear that the anime series is set between the two live action movies, when Stark still uses I believe is his Mk III (Notice its round arc core design…) suit… Or is it the Mk IV? Those two are too similar in appearance!!! ^^;


The series kick starts with Tony Stark aka the IronMan paying a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, seemingly eager to build an Arc Stations in joint efforts with the Japanese government within the Yokosuka region in his first step towards his ultimate dream.

He seems determined on this project and of course of his retirement from being IronMan. Replacing him will be the mass production IronMan Dio which is currently under tests.

Pepper-san gets a facelift... 0_0

Of course with his past weapons manufacturing record, the Japanese media fears Stark might bring in nuclear weapons, which is against their very own 3 Nuclear principles… Famous people tend to avoid the paparazzi like flies, but not Stark.

Facing the stalking mass media, Stark explains his Arc technology as a free source of eternal energy.

The word "Humble" doesn't exists in my encyclopedia...

With his usual show-off attitude, of course Stark arranged a demonstration during the official announcement of his Arc Stations to the public, suiting up in his Dio prototype and take off to the Japanese air.

Dio looks like a prototype for the future Mk VI… But according to Marvel lore meister comrade Crimotaku, this blue suit seems to hail from the Marvel comics as some kind of a stealth armour.

Man in Blues... and silver...

However, a sudden flash of red light inside his visor caused him to crash-land, leaving him confused as to what happened. Some time later he checked his OS and technology but finds no trace of errors.

Kill THEM! KILL THEM ALL!!! Muahahahahahah!!!!!

Elsewhere, one of Stark’s Dio test pilots preparing Dio for trial but suddenly went off-line with the pilot inside crying in agony as if he’s experiencing a migraine. As the other pilot candidates tried to get the pilot outta Dio, it reactivated and attacks the rescuing pilots.

Uh oh...

Alarmed at the situation, Stark had no choice back to suit up once more as the Avenger!

Back to business then!

*Cues the techno metallic BGM from the movie*

Nothing suits me like this suit!

Tony Stark, transform and roll out!

Ayam Ayam Man!!

Indeed! It is a pun made by comrade WiseFreeman as it sounds too much like “Chicken, Chicken Man” in Malay… XDc

Char-I-mean-Dio kick!!

A battle between the escaped Dio and IronMan soon erupts. As will all Japanese sentai/super hero logic, IronMan gets the underhand first before ultimately squash the prototype.

IronMan 1.5: Rise of the Machines; And "What" would be appropriate...

Nothing is what it seems tho, as Stark tried to make contact with the downed Dio, he was attacked by a machine-like scorpion registering itself as a member of the ZODIAC. What!? Giant alien metallic being!?

I'm as clueless as you are... ^^;

Of course IronMan blows it to pieces. But when he gets back to Dio, the suit is gone leaving only the unconscious pilot! 0_0

Being a recently turned IronMan fan (After the 1st movie), I’m pretty much impressed with this marvel (Excuse my pun… ^^;)… All battles involving IronMan and his rivals are fully CG rendered, but I could really take some time before I can digest the masculine art style of the characters… Too much moe overdose these past few years… Uguu~!

Lookin’ forward to the next episode, as well as the other joint production of Wolverine anime… ^_^


6 responses

  1. Native villain organization don’t like gaijin superhero coming to their truff ?

    5th October, 2010 at 21:25

    • No villains like heroes coming to their turf…

      Well, maybe Dungeon Keeper… XDc

      5th October, 2010 at 21:40

  2. Truly this is a Manime, Lol. I was wondering about the armour version as well. The Iron Man armour looks like a Mark 3 while Dio looks like a Mark 4. So which one is which?

    6th October, 2010 at 08:27

    • DIo looks like Mk VI actually… Mk IV and Mk III is essentially the same safe for a few bolts and details and minor colouring variation…

      6th October, 2010 at 09:06

  3. I see *nod nod*. Thanks for the info XD.

    6th October, 2010 at 13:12

    • No problem! If you need more info you can refer to the Marvel guru comrade Crimotaku! XDc

      6th October, 2010 at 16:30

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