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Gallant Royal Knight

New scans of this month’s Hobby Japan magazine reveal many future merchandise and products, a couple of them model kits caught my very eyes…

Announced just some time ago is a new line of PlaMo featuring my old time favourite series Digimon! The new Digimon Reboot line will feature fan favourite Digital Monsters in a revamped appearance skilfully moulded in plastic ala Gunpla! The first in line will be Omegamon (Omnimon to the West) from Digimon the Movie…

Coming from Bandai themselves, you can expect fine quality PlaMo with lotsa fine details on the kit, so far the prototype looks very good to me… ^_^ Coming this November at 3,800 yen… Its PO is upped since quite a while ago… ^^;

However, Omegamon isn’t the one that intrigues me in the first place… What got my attention is the production sketch of the next in line which is Dukemon (Gallantmon)! In case you don’t know, Dukemon hails from the 3rd Digimon series, the card-slash battle Digimon Tamers… It is an Ultimate (Mega) level Digimon created after the Matrix Evolution (Digivolution) of the protagonist and his partner Guilmon…

The one on the left is Dukemon in its original form while the one in centre is its Gurren (Crimson) Mode form… The last one is Dukemon X from the 3D animated movie Digimon X-Evolution… It seems the Reboot PlaMo version will be based upon these three forms… Can’t wait… ^_^ I hope (Black)WarGreymon will get a Reboot too!

While on the subject of PlaMo, the next MG Gunpla has been announced and it will be the poster MS Gundam 00 Qan[T] of the recently premiered Gundam 00 Movie… It seems it will be based upon the existing inner frames of Exia, which I’m slightly disappointed at its weak leg design

Coming this November as well, retailing at 4,725 yen… Won’t be picking this up or any future MGs unless Nobell Gundam gets herself MGed… :3c


2 responses

  1. Abdul Hakim

    I’m waiting for MG Nobel even I haven’t watch G Gundam XD

    22nd September, 2010 at 14:39

  2. yunamon

    Well… We haven’t have an MG of a pure female Gundam yet… XDc

    23rd September, 2010 at 02:14

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