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The Misadventure of Noel and Aria

Meet Noel, the Arsenal Gear of my Gadget Army, faithfully serving me for many years, striving herself to entertain me everywhere from Din Dins to Lunch Hours to Toilets (A-ha!!) to Trips… ^_~

Perhaps due to my constant slave-driving, her once shiny armour now don with chipped paints and cracks here and there…

I believe it’s time to get her a new one… ^_^ Horo Plushie gave me a thumbs up for a go as well… XDc

Got hold myself a set of third party outer armour pieces for Noel, in sexy clear pink overall… :3c

Also got her a special Memory Stick adapter that allows her to bust up her rack-I-mean-memory by assimilating the less expensive Micro SD Card…

Works like a charm!!

Commencing Operation: Naked Noel…

Gutting in progress…

Took me quite some time as I’m not familiar with her internal systems…

Done! She lives again!

I can sense Noel overjoyed at her new outfit… XDc

Being a third party armour, it seems there’re a couple of minor issues at hand…

There’s a gap underneath her breastplate… >,<

No matter how much I try to close the gap, it always pops out from its intended slot…

The Circle Button also feels stiff…

Alas the old button was stiff as well but it gets worse after the installation of Noel’s armour…

Brought Noel to visit the local doctor, successfully fixing the stiff button issue but even the man is helpless against the gap…

No matter, at least Noel can still keep me entertained from now on… XDc

Remember Aria? She’ll be getting an ITAttoo! XDc

Sandwiched between her touch screen and LCD display is a layer of Macross F Ranka screen protector!

While you can’t see the outlines normally, you can briefly catch Ranka’s full form when the screen’s in white… :D

I had Aria’s back went thru some ITAtoo as well at a kiosk in my local mall…

However to my dismay disaster strikes when I returned to her after the commissioned project is done…

No, your eyes do not deceive you, nor does my camera settings’ going haywire or shaky hand or outta focus… The ITAtoo is THAT blurry… >,<;

Even the ITAttoo failed to stay onto Aria’s skin… ^^;

Yes, bad printing quality causes the miscolouring and double vision… ^^;

My heart’s broken upon laying my eyes upon Aria… T^T

Oh well, what’s done is done… Blame my constant Otaku Jinx… >,<

This is supposed to be the lovely Caster aka Tamamo no Mae (Fate/Extra) that’s ITAtoo-ed onto Aria…

100% not the image’s fault…

Anyways, after the incident I half-heartedly randomly search for online decal/skin printer.

Found this magnificent looking site called MyTego

It allows you to design your own ITAttoo by providing templates and such!

Customised and ordered one already, awaiting its arrival which should be rite about early next month… ^_^

Chose a different image for the ITAttoo this time…

This is actually a scan of the box art of the Fate/Extra Type Moon Box I got some time back…

Very raburi illus desu no!


4 responses

  1. Abdul Hakim

    Will try the ita sticker on my Samsung Galaxy S :3c

    18th September, 2010 at 05:38

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