Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


The officials finally announced the juicy details of AFAX, causing Twitter abuzzing with heated discussions amongst comrades since yesternoon! ^_^ 

The upcoming Anime Festival Asia 2010, aka AFAX, which will be held in Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore on 13th and 14th this November, is considered one of the largest ever Anime x Manga x Otakuism event around Asia. Similar to last year’s AFA (Please see my reports on Day 00, Day 01, Day 02 and End of Days… ^o^), many awesome guests from the AniManga industry and wonderful merchandises will be available for your consumption!

Exactly my reaction upon hearing the juicy details whilst still at work yesternoon… ^^;

I’ll be highlighting several topics that I caught my attention… You can read the rest of the details such as the I Love AniSong concert (Featuring returning giants like May’N, Aniki and newcomers Scandal and JAM!), ticketing details, Butler Cafe and Regional Cosplay Competition at the official site 

First and foremost, the lovely voice behind (Mostly loli) some of the top ranked Anime charas like Kobato (Kobato), Nadeko (Bake Monogatari) and more will grace the event as a special guest! Last year we have the K-On! girls minus Mio on the panel, which was an awesome experience! ^_^ I believe it will be a roar as well this time as I know many comrades are enthusiastic fans of her (Voice)…

Mr Choo will be back as well! Had the honour of meeting him face-to-face last year… I’ll be sure to greet him this time around too! 


According to him, he’ll be there running random errands for the organisers, from sweeping floors to cleaning toilets to buying lunches for the crews… XDc 

Best of the news is… We get to see the Gundam 00 movie as well as The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi movie during the event! This is outrageously wonderful!!! 


Doki doki waku waku~!!! 

Two months away until the big bang! Otanoshimi~!!! Looking forward to the event special limited items as well!!

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