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GARwaii desu ne?

The PO for a trio of Nendoroids has surfaced today at various online stores… Looks like GSC has gone all out with their cutesy action figures lately… XDc

Coming this January at 3,333 yen is the ever dependable little sister of the main girl from the fan favourite anime series K-On! (Which ends just a couple of days ago… T^T But fear not a movie has been announced! ^_^), Hirasawa Ui!!!


To Infinity and Beyond!

It appears Windows Live Spaces, my previous buroggu host will systematically shutting down their buroggu support and us buroggas had been given the time until March next year to decide to either migrate to WordPress (Their partner-in-crime) or let it stay on the former as read only buroggu (Meaning no more updates can be made when the dateline hits), or even choose to delete the buroggu all together…



Preorder for the upcoming PSP game, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, is upped today! Already had mine preordered due to its awesome limited first release furoku! ^_^

Coming this April priced at 8,980 yen, a Figma of the ever eager yuri Shirai Kuroko will be included alongside the text based galge type PSP game…


A Certain Hentai and Kuudere Imouto

More Railgun goodness, in Figma form to boot!!! And so our imagination will be broken with such exciting news!

Looks like the ever popular Misaka Imouto will get herself a Figma treatment… She’ll be a Dengekiya exclusive merchandise of which her PO will start this 8th of October…

Only 20,000 pieces of her will be cloned (In accordance to her numbers in the anime…), each of her Figma base will be serial-numbered too!


Till All Are One with the Dark Side

After surviving the bombardments of comrade mGlacius and Crimotaku‘s joint military exercise, I’ve finally surrendered my will and grabbed myself the one true holy crown of my childhood yume, a Transformers Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus Prime to the West) Black ver. by Takara Tomy!

MP Convoy Black is actually a limited release of the very same mould used on the 1st MP Convoy (In its original red-blue colour scheme) from half a decade ago, with the Japanese version bundled with an e-Hobby exclusive comic book while the Hong Kong version bundled with a die-cast name plate…

The one I got is actually from eBay with a fraction of its original price sans any of the extras mentioned… Quite a bargain I say as it only costs me about 7,991 (LOL The number of my previous car licence plate… Coincidence? ^^;) yen including shipping as contrast to its original price which is about 12,000 yen!!! :Dc

Obligatory box shots… The first thing I noticed when I pick up this beast is the very heaviness of the danbooru! Didn’t expect it to be this solid in weight! ^^;

The front side features Convoy Black as the centre attraction (Obviously!) with his vehicle mode by his calves in a simple design while the back is littered with various information and features you can expect from those standard figurine packaging design…

A smaller image of Convoy Black and warning labels, legal stuffs and such are printed on the top and bottom portion of the danbooru respectively…