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マスター! 一生付いていきますー!

WARNING! WARNING!! WARNING!!! The following entry contains major spoilers from the game Fate Extra, a dungeon-crawling-Persona-3-esque JRPG for Sony’s PSP mobile console system…

Anyways, I’ve played the game sparingly ever since I got it a couple of moons ago, little by little I progresses thru the storyline as I spent about an hour daily during working lunch time to level up my chara… XDc


You start off controlling a random male student, and you’re given a 4-day time limit to discover what’s wrong with his school by interacting with various familiar and new charas from the Fate universe. Keep in mind this is a parallel world with no relation whatsoever with those from the original Fate/Stay Night… You’ll get to see some comedic moment of Taiga, your home room teacher, right from the start… XDc

Eventually you’ll discover you have no recollection of your past memory at all beyond the 1st day you step into this school, which is 4 days ago… The game turns into a nightmarish noise filled atmosphere ala Silent Hill as you scramble hard to find out the truth…


You’ll meet a transfer student Leo during the last of the four days… He seems to know about what’s going on here…

More strange events occurred as you meet Kuzuki amongst what it seems to be dead bodies of the school’s students…


A ghostly loli also greets you when you’re least expected, inviting you to a tea party…0_0

You’ll also meet a strangely monotone Rani who can teleports in an instant to your place from across the yard to the third floor of the academy where you are!


Eventually the space-time continuum or sort of will go outta place, with Sakura the school nurse speaking out of sync and repeating her words like a bad tape in a loop… The truth is revealed after that… You’re one of hundreds of Master candidates that will take part in the Holy Grail War. Within the time frame given you’re to discover that you’re actually living in a virtual reality by regaining your mind-wiped memories, and that this is an audition to test your ability and if you have what it takes to be a Master.

It is fate (No pun intended) that you’ll fall as you’ll die when you venture into the Arena upon discovering the truth, eventho you passed the first test (Regain your memories!)…

This is where the true game started. Rewinding back to the 3rd day, you’ll be given a choice to choose your own gender and name. Taking the name as Ouka Mizuki, my female avatar will retrace the steps taken by the random male student I controlled earlier, eventually reaching the point where he dies… She’ll be struck down the same way he did, but she won’t die. Instead she’ll be given a choice between 3 different types of Servants that will come to her aid… It appears that she have passed the test to become the finalists of the Holy Grail War, eventho she cannot regain her past memories…


Of course I choose the foxy Caster as my servant! XDc She exhibits a fun personality right from the start, including the bokke first impression act! XD It is said that Caster will be the hardest Servant amongst the three as she is very weak in health and physical damage department, but makes up for her incredible Skill Casts which will be obtained later via Soul Hacking…

Down to only 128 Master finalists including you, you’re given 6 days each week to level up and research (To learn of their Servant’s class, skill and Noble Phantasm…) on your opponent… The name of your weekly opponents are revealed to you on the 1st day of every week, of which you’ll duel with him/her in a decisive battle at the end of the week. The War is done via tournament knock-out style, where the winner continues on while the loser is to be deleted (Death) from the system, permanently…


You’re given a My Room ala online game as your haven in which you can talk with your Servant to improve the relationship between you two. Skill Casts are learned thru Soul Hacking in the Church… 0_0

I’ve battle thru two opponents (Two weeks), killing the much hated Matou Shinji and the honourable Dan Blackmore in the process… It’s quite fun to see your opponent’s Master-Servant pairing and learning their back-story… Shinji’s aid is a female pirate called Francis Drake of which her carefree disposition creates some of the funniest scenes early in the game as opposing to the bastard attitude that is Shinji. It is revealed at the end that Shinji is in fact an 8-year-old boy in the real world… 0_0

Dan teams up with Robin Hood; While the former is a veteran military man who fights upfront and fair, the Servant prefers hit-and-run guerrilla tactics, causing Dan to use one of his Command Spells to stop Robin Hood from ambushing you in an unfair way after an event…


Perhaps one of the most intriguing arc of the tournament is the appearance of Alice (Obviously modelled after Alice in Wonderland, even her speeches and actions are related!), the ghostly loli you saw in the beginning of the prologue.

It was quite sad to see her deletion (Death) after getting to know her. Her Servant is an exact mirror copy of herself called Nursery Rhyme… What strange name…

After Alice, I fought two more Masters: The insane cannibal Ranruu-kun and her equally grotesque Servant Vlad the Third aka Dracula (Of which we learned that he is actually a misunderstood hero, that is why he is a Servant as Servants are chosen from heroes of past…); Julius (In Kiritsugu’s guise/avatar…) and his martial artist master assassin Li Shu Wen, a practitioner of the Ba Ji Fist technique who can mask his presence with Chi, rendering himself invisible to naked eyes…

Anyways, I’ve managed to progress until week 6, with only 4 Masters left I’m now facing an opponent whose name and Servant class are hidden to me from the start due to his/her hacking the announcement board and refusal to face my Servant face to face…


That aside, here comes the climax of this post entry as I improve my social link with my foxy Servant… XDc

Caster is jealous over the fact that I’ve spent too much time with Rin, whose been helping me ever since I saved her after the battle with Alice in which she duels with Rani and won but faces certain doom when Rani tried to self destruct herself to bring Rin down with her…


This is perhaps the only branching point of the storyline because you’re given the choice to save either Rani or Rin… I chose Rin because I’m more familiar with her due to knowledge of Fate/Stay Night… XDc Anyways, Caster is going tsun tsun on me and speaks to me in a very flirtatious but angry voice… ;Dc

When I choose to answer her that I loved her more than any other girls (Eventho I’m a girl myself… ^^; Caster once expresses her wish to become my faithful wife in the beginning of the game as well… EVENTHO I’m a girl myself… ^^;;;;;), I inevitably turned on her dere switch as she quickly goes “Heh!?” while blushing…


“One–one more please! I beg you to repeat the words you’ve said just now…!” I can sense her disbelieve in her trembling voice… XDc The rest of the conversation is automated so no more dialogue choices… It seems I’m about to tickle her fancy… ^_~

When I repeated the same words, she just goes “Kyaaa~~~! Kitakitakita~~~!”… LOL So much fun!


“Master! If I’m not mistaken, what you’ve said just now is equal to a ‘MARRY ME!’ proposal!?”

“I need to record this! I need to repeat this in constant loop for 1000 times or more!” Please bear with my bad translation… My Japanese language skill is kinda limited… ^^;


“Ten times worth the number of comments!” <— This I don’t understand… ^^;

“I’ll cherish this as my eternal memory! <3”


“Kyaa! I’ve said it! This is quite embarrassing~!” ^_^

“D-do you really mean it, Master!? You won’t deny your words later on!?” YES I DO! <3


“Yatta~! I’ve got myself a husband!” 0_0 Once again, I’m a girl, you can see my photo taken with Caster on the pillar behind her… ^^;

“Alright, if it comes to this I’ll make sure you win this War even if I had to sacrifice my life!” <— Roughly? =_=


“No matter how strong the enemy is, Tamamo will make sure no one touches her beloved husband!” =3

Here’s a video for you to enjoy Caster’s lovely dere dere voice… <3

Remember to wipe your hanaji! X3c

Enough fun for now… XDc Let me rejoin my wonderful ohiru gohan jikan with my yuri harem… :p Rin and Rani vying for my attention with their home-made bento! wwwwwwwwwwwwwww


A service for Rin lovers… She’s closer than I can possibly imagine! 0_0 No wonder Caster is mad at me (EVENTHO I’m a girl!!!!!)… ^^;

Omake! Fail whale detected!


Caster vows to make a fox special Kujira sushi outta it! XDc

It feels like I’ve just wrote a light novel… ^^; I can’t believe I wrote this essay! XDc


25 responses

  1. Chia

    Cute Caster is cute!Seems the system works the same whether you’re a girl or boy,but I’ll bet ecchiman’ll approve of girl-girl relations.XD

    28th August, 2010 at 16:31

  2. yunamon

    Anyone would approve of Yuri! XDc

    29th August, 2010 at 00:22

  3. Seika

    My favourite line is… (not sure, I’m not playing the game myself) “it’ll be nice if you’re a man, but not something that can’t be fixed with a little spell”. Think of the implication ^^;;;

    29th August, 2010 at 01:27

  4. yunamon

    Yes! That line! I almost forgot! XDc She implied that she can turned my girl into a man! XDc

    29th August, 2010 at 04:37

  5. yunamon

    Added Youtube video of that particular romance sequence into the post entry… Now you can hear her dere dere voice! XDc

    29th August, 2010 at 08:36

  6. Skipped over the parts that I thought would be spoilerrific – I am REALLY SRS about this story right now.

    I had a really, really hard time deciding between Archer and Caster, as Caster did have that great character design (and I was curious as to how a moemoe servant would do in the unforgiving Grail Wars)- but in the end my dream of braving the world with that sexy red piece of muscle-bound manliness won out.
    We could talk sophistry, hypocrisy, winning at all costs…
    Well, that, and there’s always the second playthrough.

    All the cameos really tickle my fancy. And wasn’t that gothic my-evil-is-clear-as-day guy in the beginning the new Kuzuki?

    14th October, 2010 at 12:47

    • I must have mix up the names some how… ^^; Corrected! Thanks for the tip!

      15th October, 2010 at 21:00

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