Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Striking Pantsu~!

After her Nendoroidification, Miyafuji Yoshika found herself being Figmatised! XD

Hailed from Fuso Empire, the young mahou shoujo is part of the elite 501st Strike Witches Squadron dedicated her extraordinary defensive capabilities and healing magic in order to protect the world from the invading Neuroi, a matrix clad crystal alien thingie that can take on any form…   

As a moefication of the classic World War airplanes, Yoshika docks on a pair of Striker Units that’s based upon the A6M Zero and later the Kawanishi N1K-J "Shiden" (Which unveiled just a couple of days ago in the latest Strike Witches 2 episode… ^_~)…


Donning only in her sukumizu and sailor fuku sans skirt, Yoshika is finely detailed in her Figma form, including her signature Mame Shiba mimi and shippo… XDc

She is armed with her trusted Type 99 Aircraft Cannon No. 2 Custom to help her cleanse those invading aliens!


She also comes with the high quality Shift:Body (Introduced in Figma
Cute…) part which is essentially a fixed posed (Butt) part that will
be able to hold onto the weight of the heavy Striker Units
in a pretty lovely hovering pose, making her feels like a scaled figure… ^^;

Two types of propellers are included – a pair of static
type and another pair of moving type – to help you recreate those
coolsome scene from the anime (Strike Witches) itself!

Of course she comes with her satisfied perverted expression as well as her grabby hands to tackle those puni puni twin pillows of Lynne’s… XDc

PO is upped now! ^_^ Retailing at 3,333 yen and will be coming out in
November… I’m passing on this to wait for Sanya’s Figma instead… ^_^

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