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Fateful Revelation

True to their word, Cospa went ahead and produced the T-Shirts as requested by me (that or they have already been planning to do so in the first place… ^^;)! ^_^

Unveiled just today, Cospa version will feature Caster, Rin and Saber from the recently released PSP game Fate Extra…

Using black as base colour, the front portion of the comfy cotton T-Shirt will be printed with your chosen chara’s illustration, whilst the rear will feature a Command Spell logo instead of the game’s logo ala ACG version…

Rin and Saber looks almighty nice too!

Comrade lightningsabre will be pleased to hear this… XDc

Saber gets another colour variant, dyeing her in indigo…

The colour looks kinda funny to me, but it suits the game’s under-the-deep-sea theme… ^_~

The T-Shirts will be available in this October just like ACG version, retailing at 2,900 yen a piece regardless of sizing… Now I will have two Caster Extra T-Shirts to wear to AFAX! XD


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