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Resonance of Fate

Thanks to a reminder from comrade lightningsabre, I was made aware of the upcoming T-Shirt designs based upon the recently released PSP game Fate Extra… ^_^

From ACG, the T-Shirts (Made from the comfy cotton material…) will be made available in this October, retailing at 3,000 yen a piece regardless of sizing… I hope I can get mine before AFAX so I can wear it to the event… :Dc

The funny thing is, just some nites ago I’ve sent a tweet to Cospa requesting them to make a T-Shirt design out of the foxy Caster from the game itself. To my surprise I received a positive reply from them! :3c
Hopefully they will produce a lovely Caster design too, I’m sure to grab one for myself!

There are four different flavours for your selection pleasure, each type sporting a black or a white base… You can choose from Saber, Archer, Tosaka Rin or Caster… The charas will be printed on the front portions of the T-Shirts…

While Saber, Archer and Rin’s design are largely red themed, only Caster being a special case for using a bluish theme instead… Being a huge kemonomimi fan of course I’m choose the lovely kitsune herself! XDc

A logo of the game is printed on the upper part of back portion of the T-Shirt…

I prefer the white-on-black theme than the black-on-white theme… Thus my choice on getting the black Caster T… ^_^

In another Nasu-verse related topic, I did a random draw of a box of Nenpuchi Fate/Stay Night during my recent trip to a local mall to get supplies for my Gunpla hobby…

I’m usually moderately lucky in getting what I want in these kinda kuji thingies… I hope I get either the secret Hetare Saber on pull-back lion cart or the loli Illya…

Congratulations! It’s a girl!!!

Heck! All the puchis are girls… *Facepalm*

Anyways, a Nenpuchi Saber Caliburn Version is fine too!

*Kuroko mode* Itadakimasu~! XD

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