Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


More Se.Kirara Figma goodness… ^_^ 

Fifth in line after the loli Go player, Pinkku Apuron Musume and Kagura Aya x2, Shizuno Izumi now joins the girls with her blue-purplish theme! :3c



Unlike the rest of the girls, this oneechan sports less accessories, but make up to it with her superb, achem, cup size… ^^;


A standard to the Figma line, a couple of face plates are included for your face-swapping pleasure: beaming smile face and one-eyed-winks face…

Being a waifu chara, Izumi is armed with a vacuum cleaner as well as a yes-no pillow… I have no idea what’s the yes-no pillow supposed to mean… ^^;

There’s also a set of cake with a couple of sliced pieces… Remember folks, the cake is a lie! XD

Izumi’s already available for PO now… :3c  

Available in this coming November, retailing at 3,048 yen… :D 

Continuing with the colour theme on the next subject… XDcAs I said before, I rarely order anime magazines due to their hefty shipping price, but I cannot oversee this particular magazine available soon in October… ^_^ 

Retailing at 2,600 yen (3 times the price of a normal magazine… 0_0), Dengeki G’s Festival Comic Vol. 14 will come packed with a dakimakura furoku, featuring an NSFW illustration of the lovely winged DFC Tenshi – Tachibana Kanade of Angel Beats!!! … :D Must getto suru!

One response

  1. I have her, so I need to buy Yes-no Bed. (hehehe)

    6th November, 2011 at 14:13

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