Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Charging up!

An unexpected announcement Kotobukiya on their next HoiHoi-san series plamo is another support unit (Previous one was Pest-X-san’s Oboro cycle…) — HoiHoi-san Cradle aka charger stand! ^^;

As seen on the manga and the OVA! XDc 

A perfect companion for your HoiHoi-san(s)! XDc 

It even comes with the charging light gimmick, switching from red (Charging) to green (Done) to black (Off)…


Of course the gimmick is done via parts swapping! What? You think it really works as a real charger? XDc

You can now pose your HoiHoi-san (Sold separately of course!) charging up her battery! X3c

Just like in the manga and anime! ;3c

An extra pair of bare feet with magnets underneath is included as well… ^_^

Coming this November retailing at 1,260 yen…

Can’t wait to get mine…

Looks like my girls really need some juice rite now… 0_0 USB charging just doesn’t cut out for the job anymore… ^^;

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