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For some reason all of my acquisitions from different places arrived all at the same time this month… ^^; Another two danbooru reached my haven and I was notified of their arrival by the Postal Dude in the midst of my job a couple of nites ago… 0_0

I rarely buy anime x hobby magazines at all (Due to their above average pricing when compare to local magazine which may costs only RM10+, roughly USD 3… ^^;), but this month’s issues have a few extras that I simply cannot ignore… ^_^ To be specific, I got these two magazines from Hobby Search, of which I haven’t visit for some time now due to my constant patronage to Amiami due to their lovely discounts… ^^;

The down side tho is the hefty shipping fees due to the weight of these magazines… >,< For some reason HS shipped these mags with danbooru as well… ^^;

The first is the ever popular Hobby Japan September Issue, which covers mostly future releases of Gunpla and model kits… However in this issue, you’ll get an anime DVD free of charge – the recently hot-in-discussion Black Rock Shooter! 

From a single illustration by Huke to complement a doujin Vocaloid song, BRS certainly have bathe in extreme popularity thanks to the constant advertising by figure company GSC (Good Smile Company, not the Golden Screen Cinemas on my island… XD) and, as various high quality figures popped up from no where… :3c


Imagine the faces of BRS fans (I am one of them… :Dc) when GSC announced the anime project months ago, which will be distributed for free on 3 different magazines…!!!

I’ve watched the OVA itself thru other source before I got this DVD… ^_~ Not bad in my book but could be better… Fluid action scenes are certainly well done, but the plot and pace of story is a little rusty… I believe casual watchers won’t be able to fully understand the whole BRS plot, so hopefully there’ll be a full series to support this OVA… ^_^

A pity tho the DVD comes in a thin paper envelope… I heard the Megami version have a complete DVD cover art… >,<


Next up is the anime magazine Nyan Type Volume 10, which are quite popular amongst otaku comrades as it features latest news on anime series, manga, games and other stuffs along with the inclusion of a bunch of pin-up posters in each volumes… ^_^

While I am aware of the existence of such magazine, it didn’t actually caught my attention until a certain comrade tweeted about its freebie – a makura cover with illustration of Strike Pants-I-mean-Witches 2’s Sanya!!! :Dc

The makura cover itself!

Note that it s quite NSFW as it features the kuronekomimi Sanya in her birthday suit, with only a plushie to preserve her modesty… ^^;


The other side of the cover is actually a continuation of the illustration featuring Sanya’s signature slender shippo and a shiropan(Tsu)… :P

DAT ass! DAT tail!!! <3


Sanya makura in action! The cover is sized at 350 mm x 550 mm so it should fit on your average pillows… :)

Lying side by side with Horo daki, also NSFW… XDc

Below are some of the said posters included within Nyan Type Volume 10…

Because of the nature of most of the posters, I cannot post all of them here… ^^;


However, you can certainly find them at or any other image pooling sites under the tag “nyantype”… ^_^

I’ve also uploaded some of them scans here

Then there’s the other box… >,< Unfortunately tho, I cannot sacrifice further my lovely Sunday evening for more (Photo)shootings and (Danbooru) opening ceremony… ^^; I need my anime jikan too you know… XDc


Anyways, here’s a glimpse of what to expect from my sooner-than-you-think future buroggu post… <3 If you wonder what’s inside, click on the piccie to see for yourself! XDc

On the contrary, I expect another danbooru to arrive in these couple of days… ^^; Quite busy eh? XDc


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