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An Extra Serving of Fate

Arrived at my semi-permanent base of operations earlier this week, the much anticipated PSP game is now within my grasp! It’s been almost 9 months since I POed the box, it was supposed to be released in March but for some reason the developers postponed it in order to perfect the product.

At least the final outcome is more than satisfying as more freebies are included with the package, eventho my priority is the included Figma… ^^;

Fate Extra Type-Moon Box package contains the limited edition of the Fate Extra game box itself along with an extra in the form of Fact/the Fact.

The main box itself holds many, many goodies inside! ^_^

An overall view of the main box…

Lovely illus of the new red Saber for the front side and various info of the game and its content at the rear…

Caster and Rin tempt you from the sides of the box… If only there’s a desktop wallpaper version of the box art…

I want the alluring foxy kemonomimi pink twin tail musume to greet me everytime I gaze upon my workstation… <3

So far I’ve only found an averagely sized scan on, most of the others are doujin works tho… ^^;

Let’s move on to Fate/the Fact for a bit… The whole thing is made to resemble a cover of a certain magazine… Issue December 2032!? Rin looks extremely loli there… XDc

Nice… An interview with Rin, a somewhat underground cyber terrorist if I’m not mistaken as she is perceived in this alternate world of the Fate universe, or as would Type-Moon fans would like to call it, the Nasuverse… XDc

Inside this extra are several pages of the supposed magazine reports, all glued onto the inner side of the “magazine”, detailing the lore of Fate Extra to the readers…

Also included is a DVD purposely designed to mimic a top secret homemade DVD-R with a bloody handprint on it… :3 Very nice concept there…

I’ve yet to view the DVD itself, but I believe it contains a video footage of Rin explaining certain things to us…

Moving back to the main box, here’s the first of its multiple contents. A soundtrack cum artbook with a print of Saber Extra gazing at you… :P

Awesomely detailed red theme on all over the cover… Looks like an ancient spell tome to me…

Just like Fate/the Fact, the pages of the art book are permanently stuck onto the cover… ^^;

Within the pages are some of the most gorgeous illus of Saber Extra and other charas I’ve ever seen… Many of them desktop wallpaper materials… ^_^

And of course the soundtrack CD itself… ^_~

And here’s the PSP game itself, complete with the usual PSP UMD cover that takes up too much space for something that is so small… :3c

An action RPG as advocate by the developers, Fate Extra somewhat feels and plays like Persona series (Especially 3 & 4), where you’re given some time to wander around your school for visual novel style encounters and then visit dungeons at an alternate reality to do battles with monsters and other chara…

I’ve yet to start on the game so I cannot comment much here, but I heard you’re able to summon from a selection of Servant classes during your game play besides the obvious Saber choice…

I’m going to get that foxy Caster… :3 Anyways, within the innards of the UMD box is a couple of instruction sheet/manual, one for the game itself and the other for the jewel of this Type-Moon box…

The Type-Moon Box aside, the game’s official site also offers a couple of mini games for the masses featuring Saber Extra and Caster Extra! The first is Kisekae Shichi Henge, a Caster Extra cosplaying mini game where you have to destroy the locks on her changing room in order to peek at her in the midst of her changing… ^^;

If you succeed, you’ll get a nice, slightly NSFW CG to feast your eyes… XDc Don’t click on the link if you want to try to unlock the CG by yourself! :3c You can head to the official site for the game, or you can just click on the piccie above to get directly to the site… XDc

Methods: Click on your desired cosplays and Caster Extra will proceed to change behind the sliding door, during that period hammer your mouse away to smash the locks, one at a time… Be quick as there’s a time limit and if you go on too fast you may break your lock pick… 0_0 Sweet goddess, I just can’t get enough of this lovely loli voice of hers… <3 <3 <3


Next up is Kiki Ippatsu featuring the red hot Saber Extra… ^_^ Saber Extra’s going to get a bath, and she needs you to warm her bath up just enough to please her… XDc Apparently she always talks about getting a bath during the actual game itself!!!

Similar to that of Caster Extra’s, if you succeed, you’ll get a nice, slightly NSFW CG to feast your eyes… XDc Don’t click on the link if you want to try to unlock the CG by yourself! :3c As before, you can head to the official site for the game, or click on the piccie above…

Methods: Keep clicking on the fireplace to put out the raging fire while keeping an eye at the hot, hot gauge on the right… Do not let the gauge go to max or Saber Extra will go tsun tsun at you dominatrix-style… XDcA tsun tsun ex-Kinomoto Sakura voice is fine too! :3c

Anyways, here comes the main attraction that propelled me to get this box in the first place…

Figma Saber Extra!!!

Beyond Saber Extra herself, she comes with various standard accessories just like any other Figma ever released…

An extra face plate and hair piece, 4 pairs of extra hands in various poses, Figma stand x tri-jointed Figma arm, Figma bag, hips grabber and finally her ultimate weapon designed by Huke!

It seems Saber had some form of “enhancement” while we’re not looking… *^_^*

Well, it’s not like this Saber is the same one from Fate/Stay Night… XDc

The famous transparent skirt everyone’s talking about…

Yes, you can actually slightly see thru her skirt and gaze upon her lower body… ^^;

A bare back…

Somewhat looks appealing to me… *^_^*

Another famous point of the figure…

Extremely low cut rear skirt design that partially exposes her bouncy buttocks… DAT ass!

The alternate face plate and hair piece in action…

Don’t really like this expression… Prefers the other one myself… ^_~

Here’s Saber Extra in various action poses…

While the sword used by previous Saber is called Excalibur, I’ve yet to grasp the title of this one… For now I’ll call it Huke Sword… :P

For some reason, the slight change of hair style resembles that of Kinomoto Sakura for Card Captor Sakura fame (Not to mention her seiyuu is none other than Tange Sakura, the original seiyuu for Kinomoto Sakura as well!!! Or if you will, seiyuu for Kobayakawa Rinko of the ever popular DS dating game Love Plus…)… 0_0

Being Saber, of course she can use the face plates from other Figma Sabers… Seen here is the one from Figma Saber Casual…

Really, really adore the newly incorporated hands that had her pinky sticking out… A plus for many of my future 4koma moments I believe… XDc

Anyways, the ahoge on her hair piece is quite fragile that it might snap off anytime if I don’t handle it carefully… >,<

Did I mentioned that Huke Sword is very, very huge?

A pose of striking elegance!

A face off with Lily… ^_^

Lily is still my fave tho… >,<

And here’s one knee pit (Or should I say knee pit joint…) shot for comrade lightningsabre… :P

What? You have no idea what knee pit is!? XDc

I wonder if there’s going to be a Figma Caster Extra…

I want her!!! :<

32 responses

  1. Seika

    There was wallpaper from the Takashi Takeuchi cover illustration. I forgot, probably in the game website or Type Moon’s site, but it seems to be taken down. Well, basically it’s just crop from the cover illustration.BTW, about Caster fox’s loli voice, that’s Senjougahara :D

    8th August, 2010 at 02:31

  2. yunamon

    I’ve guess as much when I first heard her voice… XDc

    8th August, 2010 at 05:07

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