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Pink Aria

After half a decade of loyally serving her master, my (Cube) companion will finally stripped of her duty, accepting her well-earned retirement… ^^;

Bought during my first job after graduated from college, my Sony Ericsson 510i has faithfully follows me everywhere, attending to my needs and such… But now it’s time to obtain a newer model as she’s been outclassed many times by now in technological standards…

Incidentally, comrade ZamsJournal put up his for adoption, at a huge fraction of her original price, which I immediately obtained after seeing her superiority compared to mine… That was half a moon ago… ^_^

Being used—achem—second-handed, my newly adopted personal assistant is slightly damaged, so I’ve decided to get her a new chassis, which arrived just yesternite… ^_^

Now onto the installation!

As you may notice, there are a few cracks here and there along her curves, which might not really noticeable…

However, being a loving master, I find her scars quite distracting… ^^;

The peg on the cover of her card chamber is stuck as well… 0_0

Oh well, on with the operation…

First things first, unloading the SIM card and Micro SD Card from her card chamber…

Now to tear her apart… >:Dc It’s good that the chassis I ordered comes with the necessary tools for this operation…

Just look at the scene of crime! Gutted innards everywhere!!! 0_0

The whole operaton took me only about an hour as it’s pretty straightforward. Saves me quite a fortune too as the specialist I enquired demands almost twice the pricing of the chassis (I got it from an online store in a bargain…) for the whole operation!

Anyways, the old shell itself in pieces… Yes, some of the components broke up even as I undress my personal assistant… >,<

Now fully dress in metallic pinkish chassis, readily to be poked by some tentacles! I wonder if I should ita-fy her…? XD

I christened her Aria after one of the chara in the recent anime Seitokai Yakuin Domo, all in the while paying a homage to the slice-of-life anime series Aria… ^_^

Currently had Aria equipped with Ouka Mizuki as her Idle Screen Wallie, created using my powerful graphical alchemy… ^_~

Many thanks to comrade nightmarejan for the design of my blog’s pink cutie mascot!

Elsewhere, the preorders for Nendoroid Puchi Angel Beats! Set 2 are available now!

As with all Nenpuchi sets, this one contains three of my most favourite charas from the anime itself – Otonashi, Tenshi and Yui!

Each of them of course will come with many accessories and face plates, including Yui’s electric guitar and Tenshi’s Dual Hand Sonic! This Nenpuchi set will be retailed at 2,000 yen and will be released in this November… Just in time for AFAX!

On the other hand, fan favourite the Nanoha series (Wink, wink, comrade zh3us! XDc) will have their manga counterparts bundled with exclusive Nenpuchis!!!

Just like the way how Nenpuchi Churuya-san was bundled alongside her manga, the Nanoha manga series – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid and Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force will each comes with Nenpuchi Vivio and Nenpuchi Nanoha respectively… ^_^

Each set will costs you about 1,680 yen, but it’s going to be a long wait as they’ll both only be released in March next year.. ^^;

Speaking of Nenpuchi, I’ve yet to unseal my share of Bake Monogatari Set Sono Ni…

Nadekooooooooooooooooooo~~~~!!! D:


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