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Archive for 21st July, 2010

Pink Aria

After half a decade of loyally serving her master, my (Cube) companion will finally stripped of her duty, accepting her well-earned retirement… ^^;

Bought during my first job after graduated from college, my Sony Ericsson 510i has faithfully follows me everywhere, attending to my needs and such… But now it’s time to obtain a newer model as she’s been outclassed many times by now in technological standards…

Incidentally, comrade ZamsJournal put up his for adoption, at a huge fraction of her original price, which I immediately obtained after seeing her superiority compared to mine… That was half a moon ago… ^_^

Being used—achem—second-handed, my newly adopted personal assistant is slightly damaged, so I’ve decided to get her a new chassis, which arrived just yesternite… ^_^