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A Certain Not Ghastly Festival

Bon Odori (Obon for short), or THE Japanese Ghost Festival as called by the locals, is held on my island annually. This is the time when almost all Japanese inhabitants or those with Japanese heritage will come together to celebrate this cultural event…

Yesternite was that time of the year again! Once again I paid a visit to this wonderful event packed with people of various ethnics and tourists, all come together to enjoy the dances and foods of most Japanese origin…

Arrived just a bit after the supposed starting time. There are light drizzles when I reached there, but there are literally hundreds of visitors already on site!

Yukata musume everywhere! A feast to the eyes!

Dance performances have already began when I close into the main stage on the field…

Off stage, many people joined in the fun as well, dancing in parallel to those on stage… ^_^

Loli-tachi on stage… :P

More loli-tachi off stage… XD

What Summer Festival can go without game stalls? :Dc 

This loli is helping around the balloon-fishing game stall…

So… many… balls…

There’s also an Obakeya (Ghost House), a staple to the summer nite appetite! Genuine shoujo (And shouta… ^^;) screams can be heard time and again as I zipped thru the area many, many times on later hours along the nite… ^^;

As the sky turns darker, the dance performances continue on stage, introducing more loli-tachi into the centre of attraction… ^_~

Lovely ladies in Yukata…

Some sort of traditional dance performance I guess, failed to listen to the intro LOL…

Bumped into a fellow Judgment… No, actually I was supposed to meet comrade Evangel when I reached the target destination but was too busy ninja-ing around that I missed him… Heard he’s going loli-hunting tho…

Uncensored piccie here… :P

Next stop is the food stalls located just along the side road of the event field… To get something, you’ll need to produce cash coupons priced at RM 20 (About USD 6.25) each…

I got one just for the sake of the festival… ^_^ This coupon books also double up as lucky draw slips!

First purchase: Ramune! You cannot enjoy a Summer Festival without one of these! XD

The stalls are packed with hungry mob craving for some flesh and liquids…

Too crowded at the front side of the stalls so had to slip by behind the scene…

More dances… Actually, it’s the same dance programmes in a loop… ^^;

Lovely ladies trying to imitate the moves of those on stage…

Summer horror story material? 0_0

As the event closing to an end, the crowd starts to reserve spaces around the field for the final showdown…

Here comes the big bang!!! Tamayaa~~!

Caught the whole thing on video! Kagiyaa~~!


Aching feet forced me to withdraw as soon as the fireworks end… What an eventful nite! Will sure to come again next year! ^_^

More piccies can be accessed here


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